Run # 778

Monday 31st July 2006

The Moon & Stars, Rushden

Hares: White Rabbit & Private Parts






This was very nearly a live run, but we managed to get back to the pub in time for a quick half before setting off again. Monday looked dull and overcast but the hares took charge of the weather and managed to stall the rain for a few hours, such is our power. Trying hard not to overlap the same paths that we run the previous week we took the route to the east and made what was to be a short run into a very long run. and hashers arrived all comtemplating whether or not to wear rain jackets but reassurance from the hares that they had stopped the rain was enough for most hashers to leave their jackets behind. 'On on' and the pack went all ways. "We went this way last time", said Pongo. Anyone else remember the last time we ran from Rushden? It must have been about 10 to 12 years ago. At last the trail was found through a small footpath opposite the pub. Around the side of the fields and up a hill to the first of many numbers checks. On to the woods and more numbered checks. Some hashers never learn. Its always the same hashers going to the back. After a few more numbered checks Shaggy does the unthinkable and refuses to run the path he has just trodden.

Through more fields and woods which lacked the usual shiggy and on to a ladies check which lacked any harriets to check it. On to a veterans' check which any hasher with more than 200 runs could check. At the permitted time of one hour's run the pack were going towards what they thought was the direction of the pub, but Ringer couldn't understand why there was a bar "What's the meaning of the bar" he called. Oh, come on Ringer, you should know by now that it means you have completely missed the footpath that was marked to the left about three quarters of a mile ago, and yes I did realise it was ten minutes over time, but having laid the falsie I do like hashers to run it. Back to the footpath and down the hill to the welcome sign of 'on inn'. A splendid scenic run of one hour twenty minutes. Quite short by my usual standards.

Down Downs for the hares and birthday people and a few more that I cannot remember.

OnOn White Rabbit and Private Parts