Run # 775

Monday 17th July 2006

The Wrestlers, Langford

Hare: 5 Baah






Phew, what a scorcher. As is often the case the RA went completely over the top and in this instance ordered weather that had the ample hash - many not in the first flush of youth - begging for a short run and early return to a pint of cool lager. Not one to yield to such exhortations solo hare 5 Baah laid on a classically well-timed run even though he often seemed to have forgotten what flour he had laid where, and was as surprised as we were to see it.

Gradually, wary of a string of warnings, the hash picked it's way to Jubilee Lane and westward to the railway line, there to boldly dodge intercity trains by following the footpath straight across. Here confusion reigned as half of the hash seemed intent on heading for Bleak Hall (wrong) and Shaggy, being Shaggy, seemed intent on short cutting a field at some pace to join them - only to go ass over tit on admittedly very slippery cut corn. Good to see.

Heading south it became clear that 4 is the favourite for this hare's numbered checks, and then back over the railway by footbridge to a harriet's check that saw Lady P left alone to wander in a field of wild horses and a killer rabbit. The hash then returned to and through Langford, and around the meadows to the east of The Ivel. Back through a stream which gave rise to a few wet feet, no bad thing in this heat, and finally the very pleasant garden at the back of The Wrestlers only a few minutes after 8:30.

Down-downs for 5 Baah the hare, Caution Container and Your Scribe, birthdays, Shaggy and White Rabbit for being stereotypically Shaggy and White Rabbit, and to Gorjoyce. who had the nerve to openly wear very new trainers at all times - apart obviously from when she was drinking from one - and how long has she been hashing? She took her punishment like a hasher anyway.

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