Run # 772

Monday 19th June 2006

Capt F's Gaff, Shefford

Hare: Capt F






Sorry, but I can't remember much about the run this week. This is an age thing and it means that the words are a bit shorter than usual and also that the content is a bit suspect. I took the Monday off so that I could lay the trail. Usually I would have laid the trail on the Sunday, but I was a bit pre-occupied with the London to Brighton bike ride on that day. In fact I really enjoyed laying the trail, so much so that I was out for nearly three hours, which is a pretty good indication that it was a bit on the longish side.

H5 took their time to assemble, but clearly the promise of Tarzan's famed bangers, beans and mash had brought out some of the rarer hash participants (most notably Smeg & Muddy Waters). In fact Muddy Waters was really training for her 1600m run [Should that have been 1500m run? - Archive Ed.]at school later on this week. Eventually we had a reasonable group at which point the HM calls the circle. Capt F & Dock Leaf step forward when the HM asks for any birthdays. No other celebrants this week so the hare is called into the circle and shortly afterwards the pack are despatched. As usual for a Capt F run there was the trade-mark check right outside the venue. Still it did allow for the trade-mark grumbling from Shagpile and a few others.

The run was most notable in that it did not utilise many of the routes usually associated with a Shefford run. In fact there were plenty of false trails and fish-tail checks which had the pleasing affect of keeping the group pretty much together. Unfortunately not all the run was completed, because by the time we reached the final loop (which followed the millenium footpath from Shefford to Campton and then back into Shefford via the A507 underpass) the hour was up. Considering the mouth-watering food that was awaiting us back at the ranch, it was not much of a decision as to whether or not the run should be terminated prematurely.

Down-docks were awarded to the hare, for the birthday celebrants (Dock Leaf & Capt F), Tarzan for the food preparation. In order to mark Father's Day, sweets were awarded to the Fathers on the hash. The assistant RA (Private Parts) also did his bit, but my brain was far too addled by my two Night Fighter down-downs for me to remember who or what they were for. Sorry guys and gals! What I do remember however is a rather amusing list of generic medical names for Viagra which was provided by Overflo and which were all along the following lines:
Q. What's the new generic medical term for Viagra?
A. Myccoxafailure

More I hear you say - well here goes:
Q. What's the difference between Niagara and Viagra?
A. Niagara Falls
Of course you've all heard about the Viagra computer virus - it turns your 3½ inch floppy into a hard disk.
Scientists have developed a new pill that will now help impotent men who are also hay fever sufferers. By combining Allegra to take care of the allergies, and Viagra for the impotency, it gives you an erection not to be sneezed at.
Viagra is now being compared to Disneyland - a one-hour wait for a 2-minute ride.
Men taking iron supplements are warned that taking Viagra may cause them to spin around and point north.
A Viagra delivery truck was high-jacked: The police are looking for two 'hardened criminals'. They expect a stiff penalty under the penal code.

Anyway that's enough of the filler, lets hope that the stand-in Hash Flash (Count Roadkill) can help with my memory lapse, by attaching plenty of photos of the run.

On-On to the Fox & Duck, Thirfield

Captain Fantaaaastic