Run # 767

Monday 15th May 2006

The Raven, Hexton

Hare: Private Parts






Having driven past the sign for the Raven many times, but never actually going there, I figured it was about time that we did. A check of the map showed lots of promising woodland and some nice 3D countryside (i.e. hills). When it came to laying the run it turned out that much of the woodland was private land - although the hills were real enough!

Most of us circled up on time, although MLP, Generally Fecking Worn Out and newie Millie turned up just as the circle was breaking up to find the trail. The one small falsie was checked out before the pack headed south along the correct trail towards a held check at the main road. From there Big Blouse and Dan Dare lead the way into the hills, only to have to wait for the arrival of Mekon before they could proceed past the ladies check! From there the pack enjoyed (or not as the case may be) a long steep hill - and those energetic FRBs were rewarded with chance to run much of it again, courtesy of the back check at the top.

One short falsie was checked by Bell End, while most of the pack headed along the other. It was MLP who found the right trail, followed by Dan Dare who seemed to be the chief FRB and would have been worthy of a Good Crack award had one beeen available! From there the trail continued to another held check, where Big Blouse took the opportunity to rape Screamer... The stretch of road which followed was not too long and soon we were running along the Icknield way path towards Telegraph Hill. Most of the pack had resigned themselves to more uphill climbing, and headed up the path.

The hare, having laid the run earlier that evening, was too kind (i.e. lazy) to make everyone go all the way up the hill - so they soon found the T. This had given the opportunity for Dead Meat to be close to the front of the pack for a while, heading along the side of the wood as we headed back towards the pub. After a quick stop to admire the view, the pack assembled by the main road with Munchkin and Flo arriving slightly after one another in a failed attempt to look innocent! Finally we faced the sting in the tail - the way in required us to run along the side of the road. Soon the on-inn was found and all returned safely to the pub.

Big Blouse acted as secret RA, awarding downdowns to the hare, the newie and Lady P (who had another birthday this week - rewarded with a drink, but at the expense of ageing twice as quickly as those who have but 1 birthday a year!)

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