Run # 764

Monday 23rd April 2006

Priory Marina, Bedford

Hare: Airscrew






After the night's rain, it was a dry, but 'humid' day.

The Hash gathered with their hats, flags and other red and white paraphernalia and it was on on after a small circle (10 runners)

Out of the car park and towards the town, to a ladies check. Underlay took the lead and found the right trail with WWW. These two ended up on a long bar, and that gave the pack time to catch up.

A steady run around the lake, with plenty of checks to slow the front runners down, brought the pack to the first 'H' check. As the RA was wearing a Knight's uniform (helmet included), Lady P decided to anoint him with his inflatable sword!

At this point, we believe Donut's drugs kicked in and he was seen racing with Capt Fantastic towards his first ever '5 to the back' check. These two incidents were the first of four.

The pack headed towards home, but after an array of Bar Checks it was led away and out towards the north-east edge of the park. The pack regrouped at an 'H' check and then it was on-on over the bridges towards the housing estate. As the pack passed a children's play area, Donut decided to play on the Rocking Horse and then as the pack left the estate and back along the stream, he vaulted over a stile!

The pack ran beside the stream, past the On Inn and home in 55 minutes (the first ever time a run of mine as been on target!).

Down Down's were awarded to the hare (me), Donut for being silly, childish and obviously on drugs. Then Underlay for accusing the RA of being unfit when playing Badminton....and finally for Capt F for being pretentious as he wanted to delay his 400th run presentation until next week when there will be more runners. Next week's run(s) will be at the away weekend, so please make sure he gets a big round of applause at the presentation of his 400th.

On On Airscrew

Well done, to all who competed in today's London Marathon.