Run # 763

Monday 17th April 2006

Rowney Warren

Hares: Airscrew & Stallion






Stallion and I met at midday and proceeded with Map, Compass and Flour into the woods. A rough plan was agreed and the trail was completed in just under 2 hours. The family Stallion arrived with a picnic and a restful afternoon in the sun was had.

The circle gathered at 4.30 pm and after explaining the Main run and Easter Egg run's different markings, it was On On. The pack quickly proceeded down a long false led by G-String, but was called back by Stallion, as I had forgot it was a false and had been plodding along quite aimlessly. This theme of feeling lost and not quite sure where the trail went, haunted me for most of the run - one tree looked just like another!

The packed headed east towards the Shefford end of the woods and then looped back round within view of the parked cars, gleaming in the sunlight. This was quite demoralising in the heat and with 20 minutes past, the thoughts of beer and BBQ was clearly on everybody's minds! 20 minutes gone and still well over two thirds of the run to go, it seemed we would never get back within the hour...

Once through 3 numbered checks in a row, another Stallion classic ©, it was on over the road and into the Haynes end of the woods.

The pack proceeded to weave up and down the side of the hills and some duly noted a pattern forming and were reluctant to run down, knowing they would run straight back up again! The knitting circle grew as the humidity took hold, but with excellent planning on the hare's part, the pack stayed together well.

Once back over the road near the Farm, the pack started to make its own trail - i.e. a beeline for the car park. The hares quickly had to pull the pack back down on to the real trail near the stream. The pack passed several left turns, which would have taken them home, but were left guessing, until the real trail was found. This took them directly home and ON INN to the Car Park.

With the BBQs set up and the 'fires' raging; the 'Circle' was called. Down downs were awarded to Stallion and Airscrew as the hares, to 4 newies including a mini-whirling-dervish, to Overflo for insolence towards the Queen's very own Wordz Editor [lucky to get away with just a down-down shurely?... Ed], Skidmark for giving hand jobs out to the press and Big Blouse for something or other.

The children were presented with Easter Eggs for their efforts in retrieving the hidden bunny flags on the Easter Egg trail and once photos were taken, the circle broke for food and merriment.

On On Airscrew

PS As G-String had GPS strapped to his wrist, he confirmed the run was 4.7 miles and completed in 59 minutes 20 seconds - under the hour....