Run # 761

Sunday 2nd April 2006

The Chequers, Pulloxhill

Hares: Skidmark & Underlay


White Rabbit's 500th
A big thank you for my 500 award. The flowers were beautiful and the montage was great. I really do appreciate the amount of time and effort that was put into the construction of the finished article. It is a excellent reminder of my happy times with H5 hashers.
On-On White Rabbit.





Ebony managed to eat her way round the route on the Saturday leading to a healthy £65 vet bill for the Shaglay household following a fit. A strong Underlay carried her the last mile.

A warm blowy Sunday called forth the Hashers at The Chequers in Pulloxhill, emphasis on the P as the other was said later.

A one-minute silence was observed in memory of Dibber and details of her funeral were given and all Hashers invited to attend.

Two very fashionably attired Hares [it should be noted that poor Underlay was later obliged to destroy her lovely pink balloon after being shouted at by the Duke of Bedford - it must be assumed from his tone of voice - because he was riding the only horse in Christendom to be spooked by a little pink balloon but not MLP .... Ed] then led them onwards towards the ...?... which G-String quickly found, with no help given. A very fine blustery trail followed with a finely laid short cut. Checks involved 4, 5 & 6 numbered check, a Joker and also a pork pie check in anticipation of the unmentionable for Skidmark starting the next day. The RA performed unsatisfactorily, and not just in this role, as the weather turned against the hashers only to just as quickly return to sun. G-String collected frog sporn [shome mishtake here shurely?.. Ed] in the pork pie container, thankfully post PP check. The On Inn was found near the road leading to The Chequers.

The first and most important down down was awarded for the monumental, having no life, superb office of 500th award to White Rabbit. Capt. F sought to attract attention to his groin by wearing a hideous belt that had a digital display. A bouquet of flowers and a framed picture of hashers were presented.

Further down downs were inflicted upon the Hares, Big Blouse for managing to fit his arm into his shorts and out the other side during the circle, WWW for ignoring the on on and to G-String & Skidmark for ownership of a pet that whizzed on Shagpile's shagpile.


  • White Rabbit said something?
  • Donut asked all hashers to give Skidmark money, then qualified it with referring to Brecons
  • Overflo couldn't remember where next week's run was never mind he was to reeky it that afternoon as he is to be the Hare

ON ON Skidmark & Underlay