Run # 760

Sunday 26th March 2006

The Green Man, Eversholt

Hares: Pussies Galore &
White Rabbit




Saturday dawned bright and sunny. The daffodils were blooming and the birds were singing. Oh! what a great day to lay a run in the heart of the Bedfordshire countryside. A very scenic route to a new location that offered a quiet country pub. Yes, that was the idea. Things went downhill as soon as we arrived at the pub. New people were supposed to have taken it over that week but for some reason they hadn't. Never mind there was a pub about a mile away. Pussies Galore arrived and we set off. First footpath we went down was flooded so change of plans. Everthing went fine until about half way through our trail when the sunshine disappeared and the rain fell. Should we, like true hashers, continue regardless? No, of course we shouldn't. Just cut the run short and take the quickest route back to the cars.

Sunday morning, 10 hashers who had remembered to put the clocks forward arrived, and after sharing the Mother's Day chocolates we were off. Three hashers and two walking wounded hares made the knitting circle as big as the running group. Out of the pub and there were plenty of false trails to be run. Eventually the right trail was found along the lane and into a field where the maternal instint of the harriettes took over and several minutes were spent fussing over the Shetland ponies that were in the field grazing. AH!

There were plenty of numbered checks and because of the lack of runners members of the knitting circle were caught to run to the back, but as they were the back it seemed irrelevant. Up and over the Greensand Ridge and on to a check. Underlay went speeding off down a footpath across the road whilst Private Parts, Ringer and Big Blouse sped off up the hill. "On On" they called. Did Underlay come back. No! There was a blatant case of hovering. But she was on the right trail. On to the road and around the woods to another check. Private Parts was doing a grand job in running all the falsies. As he disappeared into the distance I felt I should shout "false trail", but it was a shame to stop his 'personal best' time for running the wrong way. A short run along the road and up over the ridge again and yet one more check and one more falsie to be run. On to the road again and a long 'on inn' to the pub with no beer. A fifty minute run! A record for White Rabbit.

Down downs, and a rugby shirt, awarded to Big Blouse for his 100th run, to Underlay for totally ignoring an 'on on' call and to Lady P who was given the 'Good Crack' award for being a FRB last time and was a member of the knitting circle this week.

On-On Pussies Galore and White Rabbit


We were devestated by the tragic news of Sarah's (Dibber) very unexpected death. My sincere sympathies to Steve and to Sarah's family. I will remember her friendliness and for the love and the enthusiasm with which she spoke about her work for her Brownie pack .. WR