Run # 759

Sunday 19th March 2006

The Green Man, Offley

Hares: Ringer & Private Parts






A run deep in White Rabbit territory. No chance of her getting lost, but she now holds the record for the shortest drive to a run EVER - 150 metres!!! Ok, so there was a table to transport and sandwiches to carry - more on this later. Still the record has been set, unless of course you know different?

St Paddy's run, so it's a green run - from the Green Man. Has to be laid in classic clover leaf style doesn't it - in this case a two-leaf clover.

Smiffo led the On Out. Apparently, he has run many times from White Rabbit's warren, but always in the dark, so this was a first; obviously, as he ran in completely the wrong direction. The real trail was soon picked up and it was out towards the bridge over the A505 - false trail, though. Back to branch off by the water tower and down by the side of said main road. A loop brings us back into the village by the other pub - murmurs of "Is this a beer stop?" - No, not here. All the false trails were run till the track by the side of the pub was picked up. Soon we are at a beer stop - Guinness of course - you should have been there Rajah! A long down hill stretch to a numbered check picked up the usual FRBs - WWW, Airscrew, Capt. Fantaastic etc. But, what goes down must come back up again, so there's a bit of a climb. Screamer has gone missing, having found an old (as in former) neighbour to chat to and is going to have to leg it a bit to catch up. More number checks keep the pack reasonably together in preparation for the final assault on a bugger of a hill!! Finally we reach the On Inn, 25 metres from the pub that wasn't a beer stop.

Back at the real pub, White Rabbit and Pussies Galore have short cut to be back to set up edible refreshments - much appreciated by us all. Thanks again WR.

In keeping with it being St. Paddy's day, in the absence of the RA and the deputy RA on Hare duty, the GM and the deputy RA, unknown to each other, both appoint a secret RA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Down-downs for just about everyone I think.


Ringer and Private Parts