Run # 756

Sunday 26th February 2006

The Bricklayers Arms, Potton

Hares: Shagpile & Underlay


The icy wind blew straight from the Russian Steppes, and it looked like only the most hardy of hashers had braved the cold. Just 9 plus hares formed up at the circle. But no! A few tardy ones turned up just in time making a magnificent 17.

After brief formalities the ONON was called by Skidmark, closely followed by Private Parts. A bar checked allowed Mabel and our GM to become temporary FRBs as the trail led out into the open country. The pack began to spread out, but a couple of checks and bars allowed the Knitting Circle (Donut; knitter-in-chief, Pongo; head-of-yarns) to catch up. A short detour along the side of the golf course ended with the hazardous crossing of the Potton/Bigglewade road – here boy racers are known to red-line their Ford Fiestas after 10 pints of lager!

To the woods led the trail and to a ladies check. At this point Knobber and Bell End managed to catch up. Skidmark checked it out and after the predicable falsie, Gor Joyce's choice was the right one. A group of ramblers stood back and looked on with bemusement but managed a unique witty comment to the Skidmark/Mac combination "Oi that's cheating!" How we laughed!

Lots of bars, back checks, falsies had now to be endured as the trail criss-crossed Pegnut Wood. "It's like driving in Milton Keynes" was a comment overheard. A short stretch through Potton town was all that was left before the ON INN was seen.

Down-Downs went to WWW for doing his 200th, Ward 10 for telling all about Merlot's 'humping', Airscrew for claiming to have a career, G-String for something (and he nominated it to Shagpile! Is he feeling alright giving up his beer?), and the hare's for doing a damm fine job. Hash Hit - not awarded (where's the bl**dy Bog Seat though?)

ONON Shagpile and Underlay.