Run # 755

Sunday 19th February 2006

The Red Lion, Preston

Hares: Count Roadkill & Lady P


Scribe says:

The original version of these Words was lost in H5's electronic vaults. Unfortunately memory fades: so we’ll let a dozen of Hash Flash’s finest speak for themselves, adding only that this was a very well supported Red Dress Run and this did give us some concern when we came across a field of excitable cattle, to whom our attire was, well, like a red dress to a bull.

We recall Smiffo being a particular target: but then he would be wouldn’t he?

And we had a beer check at which Lady P presented some wonderful heart shaped biscuits.

And Count Roadkill admitted to new boots...

Oh yes, and we think it was the run White Rabbit arrived at by cycle and afterwards was convinced her car had been stolen ...

It was On On to The Bricklayers

The Count and Lady P