Run No. 746 11th December 2005

The White Horse, Burnham Green

Runners:  -
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

A fine but chilly day greeted the hashers at the White Horse. A quick circle to introduce a newie before the hare pointed out the on-on and everyone set off away from the mushroom cloud that could be seen on the horizon. There was a fairly long opening stretch to the first check, which was held to allow the knitting circle (and Airscrew) to catch up.

From there the entire pack headed off in the obvious direction – only to discover it was a pleasantly long falsie. The route almost doubled back on itself along another long stretch where the FRBs (G-String, Shagpile and others) found a number 8 check waiting. For those who did not have to go back, the check provided a chance to bask in the sun – just as well it wasn't raining!

From there the trail continued south-west to a held check – on the way to which it was noticed that a certain 4-legged hasher seems to recognise when "bar" is called! From there the route lay through a village green, before heading down a hill into a patch of light mist. Of course a numbered check awaited the first 5 FRBs – with Bell End edging out Ringer to claim the right not to have to run back up!

Airscrew then led the pack hopefully across a field – only to discover that the true trail lay not along the valley – but up the s*dding great big b*st*rd hill the other side. Most of the pack survived this, and got a chance for a bit of a breather at a ladies check afterwards.

At this point the trail headed back towards the pub – by way of some more shiggy. The on-inn was soon sighted by the pack (with the exception of Nik-Nak and ItSMegMerelda who chose to ignore the arrows and come back along the road). Before long everyone was back at the pub and reminiscing about some really great shiggy we have exerienced near here in the past.

Down-Downs went to the Hare and Newie, several other people and the RA and Hash-Mistress had an argument about which of them got the Hashit next week...