Run No. 744 27th November 2005

The Duncombe Arms, Waresley

Runners:  15
Mutts:  1
Ankle Biters:  0
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  5
Newies/Returnees:  0


A feverishly cold morning gripped at the intrepid hares Big Blouse, Tightwad and (with very little help at all) Fungus, as the cunning trail was laid out on the Saturday. A mere 2.5 hours later we left well satisfied, only to thaw out as the heavens opened and obliterated the trail we had painstakingly laid out. The new RA obviously is making his wrath felt, I mused as lightning torched the surrounding trails to dust, and the rains did what rains do best, remove the memories of time and effort.........................


Sunday morning dawned and slowly various hashers arrived bemoaning their fate and the cutting winter air, see the arrival of the mighty RA Shagpile, resplendent with a cycle helmet floating curiously about 3" above his head. A trick of the light, or a spectral shroud of immense power?, who were we to tell. Then at last the 15 were gathered and the rules kind of explained that owing to possible weather complications we're running on a Homepride/Sawdust mix. Other birthdays anniversaries/barmitzvah's etc by the GM Captain Fantaaastic and curiously we're occasion free and ready to get on with it. (But only after White Rabbit, aka Special agent 'Miss Information', has completed confused the pack with her Xmas party announcement...)

Then with barely contained indifference, the pack set off with an anxious (and obviously bloody freezing) Airscrew leading the way and the on was called, sprightly the pack ran down the hill staring in slight disbelief at the chainbound BOF from last week's FRB misdemeanours, to hit a false trail and head back from whence they came. A bare-legged Shaggy called on, only to find out he was wrong and a hooded Knobber headed off in the right direction, followed by the rapidly thawing pack. A held check reveals itself to be a 'carpet themed' check, and therefore Shagpile and Underlay check it out, to be thwarted heavily. Then at last the on is called by a shagged out Shagpile and we're off through a field and onto another held check. This time its a V check, so anyone who's recently visted Vietnam checks it out – amazingly it's Shagpile, Underlay and a very unlucky White Rabbit. On is eventually established by Walnut Whip Willy and everyone gets to dodge through the forest sniffing out all sorts of false trails, including the graceful form of Lady Penelope sniffling with a sense of desperation and a slight winters chill.

Once more the on is called and we're at the edge of the wood and into the 'fresh' air once more, along the field they panted and some ran too............ Then we're onto another held check and would you believe it &ndash it's an RA check !. Therefore the current RA, a now completely past it Shagpile checks it out with a sense of numbing inevitability and after several years finally finds the right track, not before a sweaty mess loosely described as Count Roadkill gets it wrong again...

The picturesque views of the valley are revealed to all and the winter's air takes on a farmyard whiff as the sewage farm does exactly what it says on the tin and all hurriedly belt past. The hares have thoughtfully provided a nice concrete surface to run on and to everyones complete disbelief, we're onto a held check. This time it's a Shagpile check and it's no surprise to see that the possibility of beer has helped the hapless (and completely ruined) RA and his sense of direction is spot on (unlike Lady Penelope, who decides to deviate and stride out along a completely different route). The meandering road leads to the welcome sight of the on Inn and the pack are home and miserable.

Down Downs were awarded to various people. A good, clean joke was told by Knobber – a rarity indeed... Strangely the RA felt as though he was being 'picked on' and promised dire retribution when fate would give him a chance he promised. Can't think why he thought it was personal, but there you go?

and thus another fine run ended

Big Blouse and Tightwad (and 'woof' from Fungus)