Run No. 743
20th November 2005

The Stone Jug, Clophill

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A fine morning dawned (if a little chilly); the new RA has finally managed to gain control of the great orb and we were bathed in sunshine! Shame he was busy and couldn't grace us with his presence.

Circle was called and the GM was disappointed that there were no birthdays or Anniversaries. The hares are called in and blab in the usual way and the pack are pointed in the "right" direction, only for G-String to discover the first (of many) bar checks. Then it's on past the pub and many a cry of ON INN (about an hour before the bar would be serving the real stuff).

Along Back street and Count Roadkill thinks he knows where the trail goes (Obviously been talking to Cptn Fantastic who predicted "it will go into the woods") and is off towards Maulden Wood. A quick check later and Skidmark is in the front (until Mac decides to stop for a poo!, poor lad it's a bit loose and there is no way it can be scooped into the bag!). The lead is passed to Bell End (MKH3) who finds the next bar.

Stallion sniffs out the trail after the next check and leads the pack on to a held check. Only one way to go from here, although Big Blouse is determined to try the Bull field!

Nice bar check up the steep hill catches out WWW, Scooper, Ringer et al and it's back to a check, which allowed a short cut, refused by all! So it's onto the next check G-String and WWW choose the downhill route only to discover the false trail they had cycled passed not 45 minutes earlier (how the hares thank harriers short term memories!).

A couple more checks see the pack arrive at the Scary church, where Lady P, focusing on the camera takes a tumble due to a large rabbit hole!! Anyway a few good snaps later and the pack are back on the trail and after two further checks discover the ON INN.

All back after 57 minutes! A short stroll sees the pack at the pub and very soon after the circle was called. Beers for the hares and a welcome return for the old RA (now acting as the secret RA), he awards the two Bell Ends beers (something about doppleganging), Scooper (for tropical headgear), Lady P (Rabbit impersonations), White Rabbit (for not finding the car park and could also be for losing purse, but the GM took pity on her!) and Stallion (for no good reason).

Smiffo, Screamer and Munchkin