Run No. 741 6th November 2005

The Crown, Aston End

Runners:  22
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  3 (these remained unseen to the Hash)
Newies/Returnees:  -

In another fine example of non-communication, both Hares provided Words for this run: Archive Ed.

First this from White Rabbit:

Sunday morning should have dawned bright and clear, but unfortunately the new R.A. was still recovering from his holiday and had forgotten to say the hash prayer for good weather for the run. However, much to the hare's surprise 22 hashers did turn out on a very wet and windy morning, albeit several after the 11.o.c start due to the fact that Aston was not Aston End and the web site showed the former not the latter.(so I'm told). After a quick circle with sparklers we were off. Despite an arrow showing the trail lead to the right out of the pub some hashers ran to the left. After a quick call of 'false trail' we were along the path and across to the woods. A nice long falsie run by most of the FRBs and the right trail along the top of the field was found. Into a field full of very friendly horses and on to a check. Several hashers went down the hill to the left only to be called back by a hare. After a T was found to the right the hare was accused of not knowing the way. (Wrong. I just like to make sure that the falsies I lay are run). Down the hill to a 5 to the back, then along by the river. By this time the pack was well spread out but another 5 to the back got everyone together. Some hashers never learn. It was the same five to the back every time, Smiffo, W.W.W., Count Roadkill, G-String and Cpt Fantaaastic. A long stretch to the next check where to the amazement of those who held back from being in the first five found it was 11 to the back. First nine hashers went back but shame on the next two harrietts who were by this time wet, cold and not looking too happy, who did not go to the back. Up towards the water tower which is where I left the run to run it all again backwards in the hope of finding my lost car keys. Not too far back along came BOF, acting as a fairy Godmother, with my keys in her hand. By the time we got to the pub the circle was over and most of the hash had gone. BOF did not get her birthday drink and I didn't get my being a hare reward, Mr. R.A. please note.

It was good to see so many hashers turn up on a such a miserable morning; a thank you from the hares for making the effort.

On-On White Rabbit and Private Parts

...and then this from Private Parts:

A good turn out at the Crown on another beautiful day for staying inside... The circle was called and the 400 year anniversary of the gunpowder plot was celebrated with sparklers provided by Catain Fantaaaaastic (plus a few 5 and 11 numbered checks).

The pack headed out up a quiet lane, through some woodland and straight down a long falsie. From there we headed across a field and down a very muddy path, where the FRBs including Underlay and Smiffo had to dodge a stampede of horses! Feeling rather shaken they decided to ignore the 5 in the check...

From there it was down to the river where WWW, Airscrew and others chose to head up the hill the other side - only to discover a 'T' waiting for them. The true trail headed along the side of the river before turning back towards Stevenage. The pack was quite spread by this stage, but an 11 back check took care of that giving Donut and others the chance to catch up again. White Rabbit chose this moment to discover that she had dropped her keys somewhere along the trail, and headed back to find them.

The pack became rather damp as they ran up the hill towards a communication mast - with wind and rain and gravity to fight against. The trail took a small loop into Stevenage before the on-inn was sighted.

The new RA (Shagpile) received a C.R.A.P. award for meteorological ineptitude (or something to do with rain). Overflo and Big Blouse both received downdowns for victimisationism...and BOF who was walking round the trail found White Rabbit's keys and they both made it back to the pub shortly after the circle had finished.