Run No. 735 25th September 2005

Rowney Warren, Chicksands

Runners:  22
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

(The next run is on SUNDAY from The Jackal at Thurleigh. 11:00 start)

There were a few confused looks from the hash when they turned up for the run at Rowney Warren. Signs could be seen at the entrance "Caution Runners" and "Runners Crossing". But No, the hares were not guilty of confusing hashers with runners. We had in fact chosen the same day to hash as an orienteering event was being held in the wood. Worse still our trail started right through the orienteers 'start' along with it's timing people etc. Anyhow confusion was averted by quickly re-laying our start. It was superb weather as well and the woods looked wonderful with the autumn sun shinning brightly on the ferns and trees.

Underlay was identified as being a birthday girl, hare had a wedding anniversary, and Dibber had a BIG birthday coming up as well. After the preliminaries the pack was off, and dodging the orienteers soon found the trail. Count Roadkill latched on to the dust first and was quickly at the first check. My-Little-Pony ran the falsie and then Capt Fantaaaastic decided to call 'ON' back down the way he had just come from! Well it can be a bit confusing when you get to his age I expect. Knobber found the real trail and set-off at a pace.

Florence was impressed that the trail covered a little used area (for H5 that is) of the woods and we found out that this must be where Nik-Nak and BOF live. Well they must do - they were absent from the start and popped-up from behind a bush as we ran through this area!

After a bar was found the trail ran cold. There was lots of milling and hovering by the pack, but eventually BOF (using local knowledge?) sniffed out the dust and the pack were off again. Shortly after some very rare animals were spotted. The Pecker bird was seen in full plumage accompanied by his family. After marveling at this unusual sight, the pack got on with the business of checking-it-out again. Overflo and Airscrew just would not believe me when I hollered out "false trail" as they found a less-than-obvious path. And I thought I had an honest face! Anyhow the trail led uphill, downhill and always the smell of the Pikey Pak factory or whatever they are called, was getting stronger. After a nasty bit of trail straight through the brambles (5baar and G-String took point) the trail led to a 'V' check just before the road. 'V' in this case, our illustrious GM, Ringer declared, must stand for 'Vapourous'.

Sure enough the trail led across the road past the smelly factory and then back into the wood. Pooper AKA WWW was soon on dust and led the pack up a hill. At the next check a lot of the laggards were not to be seen. A bit of play acting was called for to fool the FRBs into believing the trail led deeper into the woods, allowing the knitting circle (Cream Puff, Dibber and Flo) to catch up. On again but all too soon it was over and the ON INN was found.

Following the circle a BBQ made a nice finishing touch to a wonderful Sunday.

Underlay & Shagpile