Run No. 734 18th September 2005

The Five Bells, Cople

Runners:  15
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

(The next run is on SUNDAY from Rowney Warren near Shefford. 11:00 start)

It was a humid morning at the 5 Bells at Cople. 14 runners gathered and after the usual birthdays and daughter's marriages (congrats), the pack was on out towards Willington.

Smiffo led the way, running through two checks and finding the correct route on both occasions! Once the pack had reached the main road, a '5 check' awaited them, the first of many! The pack was joined by Mekon so now there were 15.

The pack, again led by Smiffo ran along the main road and once at the bar check they were called back to a 'newly' laid held check. The pack then proceeded safely across the main road towards Manor Farm. Another '5 check' seemed to depress the front runners, but the pack was sticking together well so the plan was working.

On On to a held check, which was changed to a ladies check, once the pack had regrouped. Screamer found the trail and a long straight then took the pack towards the dual carriage. The hare unable to keep up with the front runners, after giving a pint of blood on Friday and feeling lethargic, decided to walk, knowing again the front runners were going to be bestowed with a '5 check' up ahead. Alongside this was a held check for the rest of the pack to regroup.

The pack lead by Screamer ran down the bridle path towards the main road, Screamer found the newly conceived 'u-turn 5' sign and proceeded to the rear along with her cohorts. The pack arrived at the bottom of the track and crossed the fast moving A603 Bedford road. It was a long stretch running parallel to the stream and ended up on the Cardington road. With the pack assembled it was around the bend to the 'On Inn' and 'Long Loop' option.

Most of the pack headed out along the field and noticing the loop, longer than the hare had imagined (didn't check it out properly), a call was made (by hare) to find a path through the houses back onto the road and back to the pub.

Smiffo found what looked like a path but it ended by going through someone's house, it was now too late to stop the pack, so very hastily everybody run past the barking dog and onto the road! A neighbour returned and seemed bemused, but once the mistake was explained seemed quite jovial, lucky the owners weren't in!

The pack arrived back at the pub, just before opening time and was greeted by two Après Hashers and their offspring.

The Down Downs were awarded by the Secret RA - Donut:
The Hare (Airscrew), Munchkin for his 14th Birthday, Capt Fantastic for blowing the horn in Flo's ear on the run and then Flo for saying "you could have warned me" to the Secret RA!
Then a first, 'Underminingism' given to Screamer for saying "he's only the back hare, he doesn't matter" to Donut (Secret RA)

ON ON to Rowney Warren Woods
Airscrew and duly appointed back hare, Donut