Run No. 731 28th August 2005

The Woodman's Arms, Norton Green, Stevenage

Runners:  17
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

(The next run is on SUNDAY from The Queen Adelaide at Croydon)

Wot, know wurds 4 such a fantastic run that started at the Woodman PH Norton Green (nufink 2 do with the wurld famos motorbike called Norton).

We it started Ok except some count or uver took hinge and bracket on a very tyreing falsee whitch tired 1 of them out.

It was on-on thru a bit of an industrial estate B4 we got back 2 the other side of the motorway and on-on up past a pikee camp and on 2 sum luverley countyrside where there was some nasty false trails. These false trails foxed G-string and 'aptain fantastic. We then went down through some fields full of "burnt beans", Wot r these beans? A prize of half a pint of bitter to the first hasher 2 come up with the coreket answer.

It was then past the beautiful garden with the concret kangaroo and up the long drag to Langley. THe FRB's including MLP fell 4 the back cheque B4 going thru the narrow foothpath and into Langley itself, a very pleasant place with nice pads.

On a historical note, the now emply pub was formerly known as the "Farmers Boy" and a right favorite of old hashers. Did I ever mention the time when this was recomended as the "in" (not Inn) place and I dog fouled up immediatelly under the dining table?

On up to the road and back past the bubble and squeak restaurant, it was only then that Pongo, Bracket and no name yet sis of Lady P managed to catch up with the pack. From this you can deduce that most of the forgoing is absolute codswallop and a figment of imagination of the back hare.

On-on throught the wooded path or across the field lead the pack to the old "Woodman's Cottage" which for many past years supplied the sawdust f.o.c. that was used to lay trails. Flour is so much better now. There were so many down-downs that coused loss of clear recolection excepth at we we had a good time enjoying a few drinks on such a sunny pleasant day. Who would believe that there is such magnificent countryside across the A1(M) from Stevenage.