Run No. 730 21st August 2005

The Crown, Northill

Runners:  9
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

(The next run is on SUNDAY from The Woodman's Arms at Norton Green, Stevenage)

Well Underlay and I must have upset a lot of hashers! Just 9 turned up for our run at The Crown at Northill which was disappointing. Still if we have less friends it does mean that we probably won't have to send out so many Christmas cards this year.

'The Few' were called to order by our nobel GM and after the customary preliminaries, the ON OFF was called. Lady P & Count Roadkill took the FRB positions (which they kept for most of the run) and very soon the trail was found leading across a horses's field. Donut hovered and was heard to remark that the 'trail never went that way'. Well he was right really, but seeing as the bar check had been chomped by the nags, I let Lady P keep running until she bumped into the trail again. Eventually Donut and Dead Meat caught up at the next check where Underlay grassed me up!

Some long boring stretches had to be covered (there is no other way unfortunately) but White Rabbit did manage to join us during this time. She looked in danger of getting a black eye as she was jogging along, but apparently that was due to slack elastic in her sports bra. Soon the hash reached Ickwell, which is a bit on the pictureskew side. Pongo and Gor Joyce were the laggards, and at the held check someone enquired where they were. Dead Meat looked back up the trail and said 'there's Pongo coming'. Unfortunately it was the rear end of a horse! Visit to spec Savers overdue I think Dead Meat.

A nice little loop around the village green was appreciated by the pack and then it was time for the home stretch. It was agreed that the detour through the woods was the best bit of the run and Private Parts led the way back to the pub.

Downs-downs went to Pussies Galore (10 runs!!!) just a bit overdue methinks, Dead Meat and Donut for something-or-other and the hares of course for laying a splendid, and hardly used run.

ON ON - Shagpile & Underlay