Run No. 729 15th August 2005

The Cricketers, Weston

Runners:  25 H5 + H4
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

(The next run is on SUNDAY from The Crown at Northill. 11:00 am start)

Dateline: Monday, 15 August.

A wet Sunday afternoon lay, so to speak, and the need to refresh a few blobs gives Yours Truly the chance to watch the end of the Test Match through a pint glass in the Cricketers at Weston, ancestral home of the Roadkills. A window seat gives the ideal position to usher the H5 faithful - there won't to be many, we are deep in holiday time - into the field open especially as a hash car park on a beautiful summer evening: for which thanks RA.

But what's this? Strange cars, strange people, familiar words on the t-shirts. Suddenly all is clear - it's those splitters from Herts H3 (or are we the splitters? - must check my hashtory books). They have gatecrashed our cosy little hash and turned it into what is surely the biggest H5 circle for yonks. There must be 50 assorted mutts, ankle biters, newees, returnees, visitors, just popped back from holidayers, harriets and hashers. At a guess - half "us", half "them". So first-time, mini-hares Hinge and Bracket stand no chance of being heard as they warn of The Menaces Ahead.

But what a great sight the combined hash makes as it quickly finds the right field and immediately zig-zags across it following the crazy meanderings of Five Baah rather than dust, and eventually on to the first encounter with The Enemy. It's a Load of Bullocks as Fiona describes them. And do they cause chaos in the hash? Barking and screaming - it's a good job the dogs and kids keep their cool. Somehow everyone survives the eye-balling as far as we know - it's a job to tell really with so many folk sprayed around - and we find ourselves near Halls Green and ready for a 2 Km slog to Weston Church and a well deserved Jelly Baby Check, which is turned into an impromptu Joker Check: 11 to the back and that's a long way. WWW, G-String and some visiting FRBs are up to the job.

From here on any attempt to keep the pack together is lost as we double back through Weston Churchyard, lose a few on a short-cut, meet another herd of nutters (cattle not hashers this time), lose more to another short cut, meet our final bewildered herd and stumble on the On Inn frustratingly opposite The Red Lion. But it is worth getting back to The Cricketers for the sandwiches and chips kindly laid on by our host.

The circle on a floodlit boules area is as chaotic as it is unique with Mr X and Big Blouse competing to give the most obscure down-downs, far too numerous to mention and often directed at "you, yes you over there in the London Pride shirt" and the like. But as the sun sets on the last Monday evening run we can look back on a fine evening and one for the archives. Many thanks to Skip, Mr X and their crew for honouring us with their presence, and Psycho for chipping in for the food.


Count Roadkill