Run No. 724 11th July 2005

The Jolly Waggoner, Ardeley

Runners:  22
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

(The next run is from Stallion & BOF's gaff. Please let them know if you are going to the run as they are laying on food (I think!))

The hash convened at the Jolly Waggoner on a beautiful July evening. The circle was called on time with no Birthdays or Anniversaries. After the pack had spent a few minutes running around the village with no sense of direction, the Hare finally revealed the well disguised path that was the true trail.

We met a very friendly horse that was very keen to join in with the hash. Fortunately Underlay, who appears to speak fluent horse, was on hand to persuade the horse that it would be better off staying where it was. So off across the field to a ladies' check, where Screamer led the way along the rather obvious correct trail - only to find a numbered check at the end. From there the trail led through some low branches to a stile, and another field of friendly horses. Again Underlay was able to draw them away from the pack for just about long enough for everyone to make it into the woods and find the next check.

After the woods was another field, and more horses wanting to join the hash. A long leg towards a farm, where there was another numbered check - the excessively energetic WWW being sent back first and 12th!

The first road since we left the village was soon left behind, with 5-Baah being lured down a falsie. Another couple of numbered checks were enjoyed by the usual FRBs before the special "Olympic Check". Here the whole pack enjoyed Jelly babies to celebrate beating the French to the Olympics! After that it was the innward leg back to the village, through some beautiful Hertfordshire scenery. The on-inn was found and before long the hash were enjoying the sun and a refreshing beer in the garden.

Down downs were awarded to the hare, and to those hashers who had committed heinous and dastardly acts during the run. Finally 3 hashers were named: Luke Dogwalker, Hinge and Bracket - and were duly annointed into the hash.