Run No. 714 2nd May 2005

The Waggoners, Ayot Green

Runners:  25
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

(Next run is from The Lytton Arms at Old Knebworth)

The Waggoners Arms aka Red Lion aka The Sun Inn

After a long lay off from hashing and haring I taught that to organise a pub and a run would come easy but being Rajah things are never to so straight forward as I found out three hours before the hash that the Waggoners had a fire in the kitchen the previous Wednesday and was well and surely closed and out of action.

Battle on I did and laid the trail anyway as I spotted the The Red Lion around the corner as a likely sub.

Hashers arrived to the scene of the closed pub, G-String and Skidmark were guided to the pub by Sludge over the phone as they took a wrong turning somewhere and then came across a stray dog on the way in for which Smiffo and co were sent off in search for. On their return the circle was formed and annoucments were made and off we went. There was a mad rush for the woods but that was a falsie and it turned to Pongo to lead the trail past the Red lion pub but he was soon gobbled up by the pack whom took the a turning to the right in to the woods. Underlay and G-String let their doggies off the leash to enjoy some freedom among the trees and the short pleasant run was well underway.

Soon a number 4 check was found and G-String and Stallion were unfortunately caught 4 that one, F*ck a Duck with his good local knowledge went down the the false trail and was soon called back as the true trail was found which meandered through a bit of shaggy trail to the next check. The FRBs (You know who you are) found the falsies quickly and there was no stopping them. At this point it was brought to my attention that one of the newies and Shagpile was missing in action so a hunt was started for them by Captain Fantastic. While that was happening the main bunch were coming near the end of the trail were greeted by another no 4 check, I believe Smiffo was caught for that one as well.

Stallion knowing the terrain followed the pack in while I ran back the trail to check on the heroes to see had they any luck catching the lost ones, I found them half ways round and brought them back in. Shagpile loved my arrows but the lack off flour dobs after got him self and the newie, Pick-n-Mix (Judith) lost.

All returned safe and sound thankfully and it was time for beer but on my way to the Red Lion I found Sludge driving back with the report that the Ale had run out in the Red Lion and seeing that the main beverage drank by the hash is Ale a new pub had to be found and we all trudge our way down to the Sun Inn in Lemsford for a well deserved drink. Irish man who can't organise a p*ss up was mentioned at times (u know who u are)

Circle created and DOWN-Downs were given to hare of course for such a well organised run? Penetrator for his wedding anniversary, Giblets for check hanging and and encouraging the hare to lay the arrows, to the two newies; Pick-n-Mix and David. White Rabbit picked up one as well.