Run No. 711 10th Apr 2005

The Sun Inn, Lemsford

Runners:  28
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

The two hares met mid afternoon on Saturday to lay Hash 711, although the general direction of the run was formed, the final touches were required.

After a quick look at the map and F.Ka Duck and Smiffo were on their way. With lovely sunshine, no General Election, Pope's Funeral, Grand National or Royal Wedding to bother us, we set off with maps and good humour for the next 2 hours to return later to The Sun Inn and another 2 hours in The Sun Inn were spent drinking and talking happily. A near perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. It was a merry and late F.Ka Duck that left and the run prepared and waiting. In Hashing terms laying a run comes second to running one. The R.A. was kind with the weather and the pub was in a good setting.

Across the road was a mill which was the original one by the stream Nellie Dean, the river running by a large assembly of Hashers and followers, just right! The Hasher formerly known as Pooper called the circle and instructions were given by the Hares and warning was given about two frisky horses that tried to ride Smiffo (they need a talking to). The Hash was in motion. As usual it was Count Roadkill who led the way from the pub. his canny sense showing him the way or perhaps he gets there early to check it out (probably not).

With the intention of getting as much of the running off road as possible it was great to get the Hash into Stanbrough Park, up to the hilltop withextensive views over the A1. The Hash was kept mainly in the park round the edge, and around both lakes to arrive at the end by which time Captain Haddock and Fitzy who had managed to follow us right round but never actually seeing us. It was the Count who found the way under the A1 (clever dick) through the water where some Harrietts somehow managed not to get their feet wet and onto the Great North Road. Hashers with dogs were diverted round because here was where the frisky horses were. The runners managed to get pass the horses somehow and it was a downhill, on inn. On a sunny day it was great for the Hashers to sit outside in the garden to drink.

The H.M. formerly known as Pooper called the circle and downdowns were given to It's Smegmarelda for 10 runs, Mekon for 100 runs and newie Mark for 1 run. After which the circle was handed to the RA. The RA's first challenge was to get Ward 10 and Merlot mixed up which he did beautifully. He bounced back from the blooper by welcoming back Dead Meat and promptly down downed him for leaving without the GM's permission. He followed that with Shagpile for pushing Walnut Whip Willy into the river and Smiffo for implying that some Hashers are lazy bas tards, Overflo for standing too close to Ringer then dragon slaying Captain Fantastic got one for!!!! I can't remember.

On on to Skidmark and G-String's.

F.Ka. Duck and Smiffo