Run No. 708 20th Mar 2005

Live & Let Live, Pegsden

Runners:  31
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

The Hares arrived at 8.20 and where greeted by a hazy but warm Pegsdon. With a quick map check it was on out to lay the run, but half way round it was discovered that the hills had much more to offer, with many new paths not on the OS. With a quick rethink, the whole trail was laid, in less than two hours.

The pack started arriving at 10.35 and it grew and grew to well over 40 hashers. White Rabbit suddenly realised she hadn't brought her shoes and had to drive home. With the circle complete it was on out towards Pirton. A fast pace, led by a very enthusiastic Smiffo ('Ball and Chain', not slowing him down), stretched the pack to the first 'View Check'.

Note to RA - 'Ball and Chain', not heavy enough.

After a brief respite it was on-on to the next check, but sadly for the first 5 runners, it was a trip to the back of the pack.

The next check allowed Smiffo, Bed Pan and Sludge to short cut (run through a T!!! Ahem!!) to the car park on the Icknield Way. The rest of the pack then looped around the woods to meet up with them. At this point White Rabbit managed to catch up with the pack after running flat out from the pub.

The pack then split, one pack followed the Icknield Way (short) and the rest ran along the base of Deacon Mountain. The route then took a sharp left straight up the side of the hill to a 'View Check'. This quick climb made Nik Nak come over all funny with altitude sickness and she had to follow an alternate route.

The pack then made a bee line for the Icknield Way, but were called back and sent in the opposite direction down the hill. Much to Smiffo's disgust a '3 to the back, check' awaited him. It was then a gruelling climb to the Trig point (a massive 172 feet above sea level) at the top of the hill only to find Shaggy and Pooper had taken a short cut and were waiting for the pack.

It was now 11.45 and a slight panic came over the Hares as there was still much ground to cover, so the pack split again to make up some time. Covering new ground with no trail led some hashers to go off in the wrong direction i.e. Shaggy and Pooper - straight down the hill to the pub!

The pack regrouped at yet another 'V Check' and then spilt, one pack taking a gentle jog back to the pub and the other going straight down the edge of a ravine. Even Donut with a branch for a walking stick (bad leg) made the ankle breaking run straight down.

When the main pack emerged from the ravine it could see the pub straight ahead, but it was made to take a sharp left straight back up the side of the hill to meet the back of the pack and the "On Inn". All the hash, in its many sub groups where back at the pub by 12.10 - result!

Down Downs - Giblets and Airscrew - obviously, Donut - 250 runs, BOF - 200 runs, Good Crack - Returnee, Focker - 10 runs, G-String - FRB Award, Shagpile - For saying he's not bald

Skid Mark - For a Dog Pooping incident, Pooper - For his Pull Up skills on a bar at the Icknield Way Car Park, Bell End for Misuse of Technology.

This left the two dresses in the circle. Smiffo was given one for his blatantly tiny shorts he wore on the run and as everybody was deciding what to do with the other one, Tight Wad spoke up and said "Can I suggest..." to which the circle said "Yes, you can have it" before he could finish his sentence.

On-On Giblets and Airscrew

Next Run - Rowney Warren Woods - 11am next Sunday. Bring your BBQ meat!

Don't forget to put your clock forward next Saturday Night!

(Note to self - never lay a run and then run the run - your legs will really hurt)