Run No. 702 6th Feb 2005

The Plume of Feathers, Tewin

Runners:  22
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  3
Newies/Returnees:  -

After the cryptic words from SHAGPILE in the circle on Sunday; Don't forget the words! here they are. It was a cold .foggy and frosty morning when the hare arose to write these words. With SHAGPILE'S words going around his head he had to be careful as at this time of the morning words come don't easily.

Anyway on the day of the run the hare intended to change the route out of the car park. Knowing how sharp the hash is with arrows and foot path signs and things I thought that ruse would fool no one. But after the circle was called by Cunning Linguist the on was pointed by the hare, the pack bar one ran past the true trail.

The hasher to find the trail was Count Roadkill who told me when I commended his knowledge of local footpaths, "it was the only footpath from pub to pub", (a lucky guess then).

On entering the field with spooky horses, hashers with dogs were directed round the field to pick up the trial at a later point only to stand on the horizon like a beacon attracting any lost hashers in the area, it was left to Smiffo and the new Slim-line G-String to lead us to the first check, to which MLP moaned that "that was a long run to the first check".

What does MLP know about short runs??. Across the common led by Underlay who went the wrong way it was left to Smiffo to find the way onto a ladies check (signage courtesy of Captain Fantastic) the trails were checked by Underlay (wrong) Gorjoyce (wrong) and Bedpan (right) was left to lead us over a long field to a held check. Its a good job it was held as it gave Giblets a chance to catch up. He was obviously rearing to go and full of energy as the next check was a numbered one and he got caught in that one.

On checking out Giblets and Underlay one way and Ringer another way both false it was left to G-String to find the trail whether it was clever clogs brain power of that it was down hill that attracted him to it I don't know but right he was and led us down to the Twin Mill Hotel grounds and the river for Lady P to play pooh sticks on the wrong side of the bridge.

The trail led across the fields to the village green and a check was round the "May Pole" "Flag Pole" whatever. With the short cut up the high street the real trail led off towards Hertford, with Smiffo and G-String leading as if they already knew the way but ran past a cunningly hidden footpath and it was Lady P who was first down the trail, and Giblets first to find the on inn the other end.

After potatoes supplied by Andy and Julie the circle was called the mystery R.A. was asked to step forward. Step forward F.KA. Duck; no, MLP; no, Smiffo; no, it was G-String who took centre stage.

Down downs were awarded to the hare for the dirtiest hash this year, Skidmark for gruntizm, Smiffo and Screamer for vegitism, Giblets for lateizm, Shagpile for I forgotiszm and F.KA. Duck for not being a lazy bastard and the 'piece de resistance' was Airscrew for not knowing that Snowdonia was not in England! All countries east of Baghdad have be alerted.

On on to Count Roadkill and Lady P at the Strathmore arms.
Cheers F. KA. Duck