Run No. 699 16th Jan 2005

The Royal Oak, Houghton Conquest

Runners:  30
Mutts:  3
Ankle Biters:  1
Knitting Circle:  4
Apres:  3
Newies/Returnees:  0

The day started warm, but as soon as the pack arrived at the pub it was cold. So cold in fact that the GM and HM started the circle 5 minutes early!

After the hares had explained the hazards of the trail and some new checks, the on was called. Captain F sped off down the road convinced he knew where the trail led having spotted some of the flour the day before. A bar changed his direction giving the rest of the pack a chance to regroup. A couple of checks were encountered before Smiffo found another bar. Strangely at least half the pack didn't believe where the true trail led and returned to a trail leading from a previous check rather than the new trail resulting from said bar.

The FRBs encountered a number check, and instead of going to the back of the pack (meaning those who had previously gone off creating their own trail), they only went as far as the back hare later saying that the back hare had lost the rest of the pack so they couldn't go any further. Smiffo again led the pack down a false trail and eventually then reached the King's Wood nature reserve.

Now we all know that Bedfordshire is fairly flat, but the hares had found a hill. Even Shoot found the going tiring and refused to pull Skidmark up it with his four-paw power. Whilst laying the trail the hares had felt sorry for the knitting circle so at the peak of the hill a numbered check had been laid. Bed Pan, as she was returning towards the back of the pack, was heard to comment that she had 'gone for it' to get up the hill and so wasn't too impressed at having to do it again a second time. It was also on this uphill that the altitude became too much for G-string to the extent that he suffered a nose bleed.

The knitting circle took a short cut at this point and waited for the rest at a view check. As they did so, they made the most of the view overlooking the ruins of Houghton House and its estate.

The trail led through the woods and out into the neighbouring fields where FKA Duck and G-String checked out the Capricorn check. The pack hung back, not believing that G-String was on the correct trail, but as he disappeared into the distance they thought it must be the right path and followed. Again confusion took over when the FRBs found another numbered check and those who had not yet reached this check thought they ought to start retracing their steps rather than heading for it. Even when the hare called on, they thought the hare might be lying.

The hash continued on the home stretch where the FRBs were later heard to comment that they didn't know where they were and hence didn't know the way back to the pub. Well, the hares did have the advantage that this was new hashing territory and were the only ones to know where any of the footpaths really led. The planning of the hares was such that the local Church bells had just finished tolling noon when the pack made it back to the pub car park.

Birthday down downs were given to G-string and Private Parts. A 450 run award was given to White Rabbit, and a 100 run award was given to MLP. Various down downs were given: FKA Duck for hashing in football kit, Big Blouse for lost property (the hash dray!), Deep Throat in substitution for Shagpile's 'fit as fcuk' acrobatics, Sasquatch for laundry mismanagement, Pooper for a misdemeanour in the circle, and Captain F for being 'turned on' by FKA Ducks long socks.

The hashit was awarded to White Rabbit for achieving 450 runs. (RA where have the rest of the hashits gone - wasn't it'S Megmeradla last seen awarded one, but never worn, a few weeks ago?)

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