Run No. 693 5th December 2004

The Hermit of Redcoats, Titmore Green

Runners:  25
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

When F.Ka Duck was looking to do a run the Hermit of Redcoats looked a distinct possibility. Good pub that we hadn't run from, lovely countryside to run through, accessible. One problem, very close to Stallion's back yard. Could F.Ka Duck be cheeky enough to lay a run in Stallion's territory? Of course he could.

There wasn't actually a Hermit in Redcoats, the hermits actually lived in Hitchin, in commune between Hitchin Hill and Hermitage St area of the town. They did however visit the area of Redcoats on various occasions. The actual Hermit Pub was built around the turn of the century and was hosted by Phil and Sharon whom could not have been more hospitable (plug over).

This was the backdrop to last Sunday's hash. Pooper called the circle and after no birthday anniversaries etc., it was confirmed the hash was handed to the hare. Directions to the on were given and the on was called.

It was left to the Count to lead us on to the first check, Knobber found the first false off this check, Underlay, the second but after a quick recovery Knobber found the trail across the fields.

Underlay caught up the FRBs to call the trail across a ploughed field. When the trail was being laid the hare couldn't drag the pack over all this so diverted round the edge to pick it up on the other side (a considerate Hare? Whatever next?). By this time the pack had risen by four, Stallion, BOF, Mekon and Captain Haddock had arrived.

BOF and Stallion live two minutes away and were late, we can't get much closer mate! Mekon joined us just in time to be caught in a back check. Bell End led the pack onto a farm and took a wrong turn. Without any obvious routes out it was left to Lady P and BOF (FRBs?) to find the way. F.Ka Duck told a very unimpressed Munchkin that we were running on a Roman road. Only a young boy heading for teenage years can give you a look that says "SO!" Wonder if he will be looking for Father Christmas next week?

The trail led us on towards Stevenage, obviously familiar territory for Shagpile who seem to know the way better that the hare but it was the Missus who led the pack away and over fields again. Single hare stopped looking out for the knitting circle stood to be surrounded by hashers wait for some signal. As if Underlay calling "On, On" was not enough they seemed to need the hare to point as well. The next check was held and Pongo, Screamer and Munchkin met the pack there but most seemed more interested in the guy fishing? in the field. Down the lane the short cutters when straight on the trail led across the fields where Shagpile and underlay were forced to return by indignant looking horses who didn't look very welcoming to the dogs. Captain F led over many stiles to the road. The hare had risen early to put the on inn down which no one noticed so he felt obliged to point it out to Big Blouse so at least someone saw it.

It was good on our return to find Pecker, Hash Bike, Dan Dare with kith and kin there to greet us. Our hosts Phil and Sharon had provided us with lovely roast potatoes, which were soon devoured. Pooper called the circle down downs were awarded to the hare, for obvious reasons, Captains Haddock and Fantastic, Mekon, Pooper, Munchkin and Pongo for various misdemeanours.

On On. F.Ka Duck.