Run No. 692 28th November 2004

Ye Olde Sun, St Neots

Runners:  21
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Sunday 28th November: as Donut mentioned, this is probable the most Northerly Run for H5 this year. Hence it was a very nice surprise to him so many hashers and harriets turning up for the hash. Pooper called the hash to order and went through the usual questions Newies, Anniversaries and Birthdays and so over to the hares. By this time everyone was freezing their parts off so after some quick instructions the pack are off ably lead by Smiffo only to find that it was a long check back.

The right trail was found and the pack follows trying to dodge all of the Christmas Shoppers only to hear one of the hares shout bar! (which put a smile on Big Blouse face). Skidmark dashes across the road followed by Capt Fantassssssssstic only to find that that also is a bar. Count Roadkill and Shaggy call on on and the pack follows on to a check.

There were hashers off in all directions; Shaggy runs passed a dob of flour without noticing but the pack follow to find yet another bar (This run was laid with so many bars so that the hash could hear for a few more times the good old West Country accent) on to another check which is a Ladies check. Fifi, aided by Dan Dare takes the pack up to a check back. Back to the check and Skidmark finds more flour, which the hash follows, yet another check back. Lady P and White Rabbit take the pack across the road and over a stile across some common land whilst I try to convince Private Parts that the trail runs parallel with the road. He falls for it. The right trail goes across to a gate. As the hash approach, some walkers are coming through the gate. They must have thought that St Neots had gone mad for the day. Some of the hash thought that they had found the trail, only to find what they thought was another bar; sloppy trail laying by the hares, but it was past 5 o'clock on Saturday night.

Donut asks the FRBs to hold the next check right outside a pub called The Bridge House (it's shut). When the rest of the pack are at the check, Smiffo is chomping at the bit to be off like a man possessed. Off across the bridge and down the steps and off to the left quick find someone to take the false trail. Count Roadkill is on hand so we take the hash through the tarmac paths of the park. This tarmac must have been laid by some of our Irish brothers and the tarmac probably been rock hard at the time of laying.

Anyway, after the bars had been found Smiffo is proved right and off he goes to a check. After checking it out most of the harriets are seen waiting on the bridge looking at the Swans and Ducks; very picturesque. We continue through the park with the Capt'n leading the way when there is a branch in the path. He wants to go the right way; damn! Anyway we eventually get to numbered check much to the hares' surprise Skidmark is the 5th of the 5 to go to the back of the pack. Luckily for her there is a cocker spaniel who is being called by his owner, but the dog is confused by the hash doing her good deed for the day. Skidmark gives the dog back to his owner.

Eventually the hash are back on trail. It's over the River Ouse where Mekon, the 2 children and Ward 10 and her granddaughter are waiting in the rain for us. After checking out a couple of false trails its back along river towards the boatyard over yet another bridge and past the Woolpack pub; no time to stop! Onto a Ladies check. Fifi and Dan Dare are on again and the other dodgey female is Tight Wad wearing a nice blue and spotted number. Tight Wad finds the false trail; shame! On on is called again which leads to the only held check on the hash Smiffo is off one way and F'ka duck the other. The real trail is across the road which is called down to a junction and off to the left heading down to the main road with the ON-INN round the corner to the pub where there were plenty of beer drunk. The circle up was cold and this seemed to go on for rather a long time poor old Pooper was shivering almost spilling his drink. Usual down downs for the hares, Capt Fantassssssssstic, Shaggy and I really don't remember who else and went back into the pub for more drinking. Not sure if Mincer was gloating at the scores in both the Rugby Union and the Rugby League. We was robbed!

ON ON - Penetrator