Run No. 691 21st November 2004

The Golden Lion, Clifton

Runners:  26
Mutts:  2
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  4
Newies/Returnees:  -

Saturday a.m. - lay the run; weather damp and chilly.
Sunday a.m. - check the run; weather even damper and frankly, bloody cold!

One of the first to arrive at the pub was Gorjoyce, who wasn't certain where the pub was and left home early to find it - a bad move, as it would soon turn out. Amongst the usual (and pointless) queries of "Is it a long run?" and "Is it muddy?", was the less common "Has anyone got any spare running shoes?" - Gorjoyce's early start had come home to roost. She had to run in her size 5 boots.

As the GM and HM were on Hare duty, it fell to the RA to call the circle. With few hazards to beware of, and with an awesome run promised, the On Out was called.

G-String was the first to pick up a scent, but a false one, as were several others before the real trail was identified. A very early numbered check caught out two FRBs before we start heading towards Henlow.

"I reckon it's down the High Street" was overheard, but no, past the church was where we were headed. I had considered going across the recreation ground, as indeed did Shagpile when he got there, but decided against it. Just as well (or not, depending upon your point of view) as a Sunday morning junior football match was in full swing at the time. Round by Henlow Grange we went and back onto the High Street. How many thought we were stopping at the Engineer's Arms? By now the R.A.'s influence on the weather was having an effect; the drizzle stopped and we all warmed up a bit.

Just when the FRBs thought it was safe, a late numbered check caught four of them out. Now Count Roadkill must have smelt the beer and set off on the direct road route back to the pub, but nothing is ever that simple. A not exactly shiggy, but certainly slippery mud path took us up and around the field, with a final meander round the estate before the On Inn brought us back to the pub spot on 12 noon - job done.

Down-downs for the Hares and two birthdays (Iron Maiden and Mekon). The Good Crack award was supposed to be carried this week by Skidmark, but seemed to adorn G-String more times than not, so it was awarded to him as he seemed so keen to have it.

The new Assistant R.A., Private Parts officiated at his first circle, and promptly chastised the R.A. proper (good start young man!). Between he and Big Blouse, most of the assembled throng was invited into the circle on some pretext or other.

Ringer & Pooper