Run No. 690 14th November 2004

The Waggoners, Ayot Green

Runners:  30
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

If villages were a box of chocolates, Ayot Green would be a fluffy one and some parts of it would be on the box. A sleepy spread out hamlet of old and quaint cottages and larger houses with Brocket Hall a stones throw away. All that's progressed in 100 years is where once coach and horses stood, now stand Range Rovers. Oh yes! They also moved the A1 30 yards to the right but nothing else seems to have changed.

The Hare's mind wandered off to days of old (still waiting for it to come back), whilst walking through. But pressing thoughts brought him back to reality. He needed to lay a hash. The mind wandered as much as the trail, lovely countryside, beautiful weather (thanks Big blouse), peaceful, a thought occurred. Ring the hash. Get them here and do the Hash now and share this serene time. But as per normal I had left my phone at home.

After the introduction of the new committee, a minute silence was called and then the on was called. It was up to veterans Smiffo and Capt. F to find the trail on the village green and off into the surrounding lanes and fields. Onto the first check, it seemed Airscrew and Smiffo had a sixth sense to the way of the trail but kept being called on back before the on was called down their path.

The trail went down lane and across fields but the highlight for the Hare was to see Skidmark caught up in a numbered check; more of that later.

Pecker and family had just returned from visits abroad for Pecker to extol wrath of re-elected Big Blouse. Also to suffer his displeasure was Reece and Cunning Linguist for sex on the Hash, also Count Roadkill for blasphemy, Bell End for sarcasm, also MLP for mincing about in the circle. Reece was christened into the Hash with the name Mincer; Gorjoyce was downed for complaining but managed a seat on his knee whilst he was being christened.

Skidmark had a hell of a day. As well as getting awarded 100 runs, she was also awarded the Goodcrack Ball and Chain for being a FRB, which I'm sure she will carry with pride next week.

On on,