Run No. 685 10th October 2004

The Hedgehog, Welwyn Garden City

Runners:  17
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Picture the scene. Jim, sitting in his office, feet on the desk, reading the newspaper. Numerous cups of tea, 40 winks and it's still only 10 o'clock. What am I gonna do for the rest of the day. Then superhero like, in an instant Jim project manager became The idea came to lay a run - but where?

The brain began to slow, another cuppa looked likely. But then the Hedgehog pub that I pass daily suddenly sprang to mind. A pub 100 yards from the office a hash within walking distance and's long days in the office were over. Off came the hard hat on went the hash hat and off went the hare.

Hash day arrived with most finding the Hedgehog OK, but some needed guiding in. After a huddle and a chat, on out was called. The hash looked confused, all this open space and no directions, but slowly it began to dawn that the run wasn't coming to them, they would have to go out and find it. The group spread out, Smiffo rather curiously ran uphill onto a falsie, leaving Giblets to find a trail only to find also that that was false too. Underlay had found the right trail (don't you just love a clever dick!) but was called back by the others so leaving it to Stallion to call the on. On to a park, the trail followed what was to be our first excursion into the woods. 2 checks later we were at a view check, overlooking Digswell House. The hare explained that the house was built in 1765, by the right Honourable Sir Thomas Digswell blah blah blah, but stopped on realising that he was talking to himself and no-one was listening.

On into Sherrards Wood Park, well known to seasoned Hashers and good Hashing country. After lots of twist and turns, the hash found themselves at 6 ways, the best check in Herts Beds, Bucks and Cambs. After much debate, none of which made much sense, check out was called and runners went every way. Dan Dare and Pooper went one way, Shagpile and Giblets another, Stallion, Private Parts a third, Smiffo a fourth, Underlay and White Rabbit a fifth. It was left to Screamer to call the on and the rest, somewhat confused followed on. More twists and turns bought us to the edge of the park and the On Inn was called by Smiffo

In the circle Felicity was paraded by her proud parents on the event of her 2nd birthday. Then the RA began his chastisements. Cunning linguist for reciting naughty poems to shy and retiring hashers, Mekon and for being lazy BAS'TARDS, White Rabbit for telling fibs and Private Parts for not doing The Words. Captain Fantaaastic for talking about work he doesn't do, Spitfire and Fokker for work they did do reproducing little Fokkers! Congratulations were in order. Smiffo had a down down for being there.

On on On on to Captain Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(deep breath)aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic run next week.