Run No. 682 19th September 2004

The Noah's Ark, Shillington

Runners:  28
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Do we lay the trail on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning? This was the main question to be decided by the hares, but come Saturday afternoon the weather was so naff, that Sunday morning seemed to be the only sensible option.

Early - very early, Capt F shoots off to Sandy to pick Shaggy up to lay the run. Poopa is picked up on the way back through Shefford. Laying then run goes well, until we encounter a conker tree, which unfortunately brings out the child in all three hares. We spent the next 20 minutes or so trying to knock conkers off the branches so that we can all play conkers after the run. The next delay is caused by a blackberry bush which was festooned with plump sweet black-berries. After filling our stomachs, we realize that we are now a bit short of time, so the planned route back unfortunately has to be shortened. So if you were wondering why the run only lasted 45mins, now you know. It was all down to a temporary loss of focus from the hares.

The hares arrive back at the pub, just before 11 and most of the hash are already assembled, or are at least are driving around the village trying to find the last parking place. Once everyone has parked up, the circle is called to order by the much-esteemed (steamed I think you mean - Ed) HM, Ringer. The hares are invited into the circle and they explain the new C-check (or cuddle check) and S-check (Shagpile check). The S-check, being just outside the pub, gives Shagpile the opportunity to shout On-Inn the instant that the on-out is called (which is of course absolutely correct and we really must wise up when laying a run in the future).

The actual run comprised of lots of long false trails, most of which required some hill work in order to get back on track. Capt F (who has begun to exhibit satanistic traits), took great pleasure from seeing Shagpile eventually check out the longest of these. This falsie was in fact specifically laid for him, because on the previous occasion that we visited Shillington, when it was the correct trail, he refused to go on any of the other trails saying something like "its always this way".

The cuddle check was a great success, but I have a feeling that a few of the pack actually ignored the check and did not cuddle the nearest hasher as instructed. Immediately following the cuddle check the pack entered a very complex arrangement of crossed tracks, which left everyone totally confused, including the hares. The eight-check caught out the usual bunch of FRBs, Smiffo, Knobber, Bell End, Dan Dare, G-string etc.

Down Downs were awarded to Munchkin (for his 13th birthday), and the hares Poopa, Shaggy and also the assistant hare Capt F.

Before the secret RA could begin, F'ka Duk interjects with some story about a pet dog. I wasn't really paying much attention until like a magician a grinning dog is produced from his bag. This is promptly attached to Tight-Wad's leg which it seems to find to its liking. I won't go into any further details, because you just had to be there in order to understand.

The secret RA this week was Smiffo who gave down-downs to Scooper, Knobber, Count Roadkill & Lady Penelope for arriving extremely late on the run. There were other perpetrators, but these were let off because they at least had the decency to wear hash attire in the circle. Lady Penelope was awarded another down-down for mentioning w**k. Sorry for forgetting the others - I know there were a few, but my memory is not what is used to be.

On-On to the new moon run and Potton breweries trip on Wednesday evening.

Poopa, Shaggy & assistant hare Capt F