Run No. 681 12th September 2004

Rowney Warren car park, Chicksands

Runners:  27
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

The hash family gathered at Rowney Warren, excited by the thought of another run in the woods followed by a BBQ and beer. Newie Jan, AKA Well Laid was introduced, as were two small familiar faces who were on their first run - Pecker's Billy and Jack. Birthday boy was revealed as Aircon AKA Ron Weasley and Dan Dare and Mekon owned up to having a wedding anniversary.

Hares Shagpile, Cunning Linguist and 'It'S MEGmerelda' on her bike, made the hash aware of the hazards: trees, trees and errr ... trees and then the ON - OFF was called.

Captain F and Pooper dashed off, ignoring the hare's instructions as to where the trail began, so it was left to BOF and Mekon to call the ONON as the first dust was seen. My-Little-Pony and Private Parts (looking very un-fetching in the Hashit - No, not the Bog Seat - that's still being kept by G-String!) soon found the trail after the first falsie suckered the FRBs in.

The trail led down into a gully where the next check was found. Dan Dare set off at a pace but must have switched his hearing aid off. Shouts by the hares of 'false trail' were ignored by DD who carried on and ran in to the last bit of the trail that would take him straight to the ON INN. Fortunately he fancied a longer run and came back shortly after.

Now a few of the hills had to be attacked, and SMEGmerelda was having a hard time on her bike. Fortunately Private Parts was there to lend a hand to her bum, which he later confided, caused him to have a hard time. The next check caused some discussion amongst the hash. It was quite clearly a 'ladies' check and depicted a voluptuous female form. This was lost on the hash who, after some debate thought it was a male member! Philistines!

By now the trail had led down to the bottom of the warren, near to the farm. The gentle odour of slurry wafted it's way to the hashers nostrils and probably urged them on even faster! Newie Well Laid, who had declared herself to be unfit, was prominent as a FRB and led the way to the penultimate check. The trail led up the hill and to a check in a gully. It that was recognised by some as having featured earlier in the run. "Well done, very clever" says Pecker acknowledging this intelligent use of the trail. Little did he know that it was all an accident and the hares had run into their own dust when laying the trail. Doh!

The final drama was played out with the hash dashing off down towards the trail's end. All except Capt Fantaaastic who ran back on the earlier trail, turned around on hearing the cry of ONON and then took a fantaaastic nose dive into the dirt! He was a brave boy and didn't cry and nurse SMEGmerelda rubbed something better to take his mind off the pain.

Back to the car park it was BBQ time and FREE beer! What a considerate mismanagement we have. Down-Downs were awarded by double secret RA Sasquatch to Private Parts for this sexual activity, and to Pooper and MLP for blatant competitiveness. Sasquatch in turn was Down-Downed by the real RA who, although not present, had decreed that the tallest dude on the run should be so awarded.