Run No. 667 24th May 2004

The Chequers, Woolmer Green

Runners:  17
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Firstly I would like to wish Ringer a speedy recovery also that he is back hashing soon.

Now the words for run 667. Firstly gratitude to the RA for the weather; what can I say? The GM called the circle to order and after the usual questions it's over to the hares (Pooper and Penetrator).

The pack set off to find the trail which wasn't too difficult but when some shiggy was found what an outcry from some harriets. Never mind. Up a bridle-way Pongo and Dead Meat were seen completely by-passing the shiggy. The pack finally find a check, hashers are off in all directions until the real trail is found. White Rabbit has difficulty getting her leg over (usually it's hashers who have that problem) and ends up on her back. Down to the next check ably lead by Count Roadkill the pack are clambering over the earth dunes. Cunning Linguist decides to take a shortcut but what the heck.

The hash are running along the on-on is being called but the pack become somewhat disjointed trying to find a trail where there isn't one but all turns out OK. On the night the hares find that the next check has disappeared, still that's hashing. Luckily or not Bell End finds the trail and the pack follow through a tunnel under the A1 into another part of the woods. The hares had decided beforehand to just do a big loop so that when the lead hasher came out of the tunnel he or she could go either left or right. The hash decide to go anti-clockwise and twist and turn through the woods climbing over trees finally reaching a check where some of the locals had put a sign PRIVATE PROPERTY. Better not go up there then so we follow the trail back to the tunnel and under the A1 again.

At the bottom of the hill an arrow has miraculously appeared pointing off to the left leading through the woods onto special checks. One was a Ladies' check and the other a number check, as the back hare I didn't see anybody come to the back of the pack? Spitfire leads the pack along the edge of the woods to where the path forks. Five Baah runs off toward the railway bridge but soon turns back when he finds the bar. The rest of the pack is off up the hill only to find another bar. Back to the fork and into the woods. I'm sure not all of the pack came back down the hill at the next check. Hashers are furiously checking out to find the trail weaving in and out of foot paths until we come to some open ground, which leads to a held check. As most of the hash can see the cars in the car park above it takes some convincing that the trail does lead back into the woods. Count Roadkill is calling on-on followed closely by Penetrator but most of the pack check hover thinking they will return. WRONG, most of the hash follow but a few who will be nameless found the ON INN and made their way back to the car park. Pooper and co-hare had to quickly lay some flour because even they had got lost Whoops! Eventually we all end up back at the car park.

Down Downs are awarded to the hares, Dan Dare for his birthday, Mekon for impersonating Dan Dare, Nik-Nak for littering the car park, White Rabbit for not getting her leg over, Skidmark's brother (Seaman Stains) for SAS training and the hashshit was awarded to Bell End.

Once again I feel that the whole of the hash wishes Ringer a swift and speedy recovery.

ON ON Penetrator