Run No. 666 6th June 2004

Somewhere in Silly Suffolk
[Six Bells, Felsham]

Runners:  52
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

After 66 days (x3) of careful planning, reconnoitering, testing and adjusting, D-Day arrived. The promised sun was in short supply but the weather was perfect. The H5 Hashers - all 66+6 of them - assembled on time at the car park in Bradfield Woods. Shagpile called us to circle only 6 mins late. "Let us remember the brave men and women who fought to save our culture and avoid us having to learn German" was the call. A 6 second hush hung over the thankful assembly.

Donut advised us of the "devilish" run he devised. "6.66 miles if you run all the falsies!" Then we were ON ON. The usual FRBs found the false trails and bars as designed by the hares, so we ran and walked through the splendid Bradfield Woods for about 40mins. The info on boards in the woods advised that it had been a coppice for 666 years and near the start there was a small group still practising the ancient wood art from timber collected there. After many checks and finding 2 of the 6 prize flag, we left the wood and entered fields of barley. 2 more falsies and discovery of a further flag before the trail to the 1st beer stop was found. A quaff of liquor/lemonade was welcome.

A devilish loop took us in a circle around the village within only a few yards of the pub. But there were no takers to the offer of a short cut at this stage. Such was the enthusiasm of the H5 Hash. Having been on our feet in humid and warm conditions for over an hour several took up the offer of the final short cut.

The trail took us through more barley and broad bean field before a second beer stop. A pond adjacent was presumably host to the swarm of mossies which fed on several unfortunate members. The mossies found Skidmark the juiciest of us all. More welcome booze, then find the final 3 flags on the way to the ON INN, the 6 Bells. It was about 1¾ hours after the start that we dragged our tired bodies to change at the village hall then to the pub for drinks and lunch.

The food was good and the drink (Greene King even better especially as a guest ale had been specially purchased for the day. The challenge of serving over 70 dinners did not defeat the landlord and his squad of helpers even if some had to wait 2 hours. But with this risk in mind Donut had the ideal fix - a jazz duo. The veterans really came into their own singing to the tunes of the 40s to 60s with great gusto. Well over 66 decibels. Jim Russ's and Ally's dad really came into his own particularly adding a rhythmic drumming on the table top. Not satisfied with just singing, Pongo and Ward 10 danced, ably supported by Cap'n 'addock and a local lady of at least 3 score years and 6 (66).

And just in case we got bored we were invited to list all the words we could think of beginning with D related to the 666 Hash day. Prizes for the best team encouraged 6 team entrants, and the ingenuity was quite amazing.

Following lunch we congregated in the very large garden and the juniors having not been defeated by the run or the lunch proceeded to play soccer. After a few minutes the seniors joined in and a great time was enjoyed by all. Watch it Beckham and Rooney, Cardiac's boys are just waiting for you to fail at Euro 2004/World Cup 2006. Meanwhile Pongo and No Knickers fell into a deep snooze.

Shagpile (GM) eventually called the circle, congratulating Donut on his stirling organisation and co-hares, Penetrator and Deadmeat for herding the 66 runners round the trail.

Big Blouse (RA) gave 66 down downs to all the well deserving hashers:

  • Flag winners: Smiffo, Paige, G-String, Bell End, Muddy Waters, Munchkin and Caution Container.
  • Christenings were awarded: Meg is henceforth It'Smegmeralda, Spitfire's friend is Fokker, Matthieu is Matador, and his brother Connor is Aircon.
  • For the highest no. of D words at around 140 were the Supremes, winning a D-shaped bottle opener and bottle of Doctor Pepper. Team was Cunning Linguist, G-String, Skidmark, It'S megmeralda, Cap'n 'addock and Private Parts.
  • Merlot and Ward 10 for organising the beerstops.
  • Any more?

All were agreed it was a fab Hash.

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