Run No. 665 31st May 2004

The Three Tuns, Guilden Morden

Runners:  36
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -


The circle was called to order but soon dispersed in chaos as White Rabbit tried to mow it down on entering the car park. Confusion then reigned as the pack tried to find the start of the trail even though the hares had distinctly pointed out where to go. Along a number of paths backing on to large gardens where Donut, upon being presented with a tree restricting the width of the trail, didn't want to squeeze past if it was a false trail. Obviously no sense of adventure or should 'diet' be mentioned?

Further on along the trail, the hares employed an 'advanced haring technique' which produced an shouts of "that's not allowed" or "that's not in the rules" from a number of the pack; this was because they had effectively been caught by a rather long falsie. After a ladies check and a short cut for the knitting circle, the trail led through a Lama sanctuary. They quickly kept away from the hashers passing through probably due to their embarassment at their hairstyles.

The trail passed through a pea field, and on towards Little Green. Cunning Linguist then arrived in her car having returned late from Exmoor, and passed by the pack a couple of times as she tried to find the pub. Most of the pack, eager for their beer, then chose to ignore the trail and hares and headed down the road towards the pub. Stallion, Sludge and Skidmark were the only hardened hashers to complete the whole trail.

Down downs were given to the hares, a birthday down down for Amy, and Adele was christened Sleepy Hollow. Shagpile, G-String and Shaggy were given a number of down downs for playing with their appendages (or is that mobile phones) in the circle. Shagpile was awarded yet another down down for his rythmic sounds that kept the men's dorm awake during Saturday night at Exmoor - I believe this to be victimisation as I don't hear him snoring (Underlay)!!

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