Run No. 663 10th May 2004

The Plume of Feathers, Ickleford

Runners:  32+H4
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

The run was a joint affair with those reprobates from H4, so a huge number of hashers gathered in the car park of The Plume of Feathers. Dead on time the two GMs called the circle and without much ado called for the hares to brief the pack. White Rabbit shuffled forward, she being hare No 1 and started her spiel. Well, if you were there you'd know it was all downhill from now onwards. White Rabbit wasn't sure who her co-hare was. She tried to implicate Sludge but he was having none of it. After a few more ummms and aaaahs from White Rabbit she decided that she was a lone hare and no-one else could be blamed for the fiasco that was about to unfold.

The On On was called by Underlay but I don't think it was dust (probably bird sh*t) as nothing more was found. Shortly after Pecker called the On On which quickly revealed the first check. The predictable falsie was found and run by the FRBs before the real trail was found by somebody-or-other. I thought the Hare had done good as a row of tables loaded with beer were spotted in a car park. But no. It belonged to a football club so sadly we had to pass by.

The next check was found, but nothing much else to go with it. Hashers milled around for a while, some set off on a likely route but no call of On on was forthcoming. The hare was seen to be check hovering so Cardiac rightly took that to be a sign to look further in the vicinity. Very son he found the dust and we were off again. The next check seemed to contain some sort of acient rune so no-one knew what it meant. Flip-top decided that it might mean a 'ladies check' so a couple of harriettes did their thing. Both ways didn't look very inviting as there was an abundance of stinging nettles. Was this time for Donut to turn round and find a safe route thinks I?

Wonder Woman found the real trail and shortly we came upon the first of many held checks. Every-one shuffled around and had a nice old chat while waiting for the laggards, Pongo and Dead Meat to catch up. As soon as they arrived the FRBs shot off up a slight hill onto a very shiggy path. At the top was a held check of course, although it was a numbered one (first 8 go to the back). Pooper displayed a severe reluctance to admit to being number 8 and had to be manhandled up to the check and then threatened with violence to get him to make his way back down the trail. Eventually he went, face black as thunder and mumbling insults under his breath.

I shall not take up any more of your time, so I'll just say there were a few more held checks to find before the On Inn was found. What can I say about the run? Good shiggy, unimaginative haring, too many held checks, no beer stop. A poor show really, but it would have oh so much better if only the hare had WRITTEN THE WORDS!

One last thing to mention though. The circle was quite protracted of course, there being two RAs, but a couple of down-down awards are worth mentioning. Mr X (H4 RA) awarded Hooker a DD for something that happed at IH in Goa - that was TWO YEARS ago! What a memory! And Screamer was most impressive as she knocked back here DD in good time, but it was a full pint of lager with Crème de Menthe added. What a girl! She has also told me that it acted as an aphrodisiac so I guess we'll see Giblets loading this Safeways trolley to the gunnels with Stella and Crème de Menthe.