Run No. 661 26th April 2004

The Old Coach House, Potton

Runners:  30
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Fairly brief Words this week, as the day job is starting to get in the way of hash stuff!

It was a cracking hot, sunny day when we laid the trail - hard to believe it was just a few days ago as right now it is cold, wet and miserable. There must be a hash camping weekend coming up!

Anyhow, the weather was still pretty damm good for the day of the hash and a large group of the hash family turned up for the event. Sadly very few had made the effort dress appropriately to celebrate St George's Day. Yours truly made up for this and was resplendent in shiny helmet and inflatable sword. Any dragons around had better look out.

At the ON-OFF the pack broke into an excited canter. What exactly went on, I couldn't say as my shiny helmet was falling over my eyes. Also, the spotty dog that I was lashed to decided that she was s**t scared of knights in armour so I had to divest myself of the St George's Day apparel and stuff it into a carrier bag.

Having short cut I managed to get to a check just in time to see Giblets and Capt Fantaaaastic checking it out. By now fellow hares Underlay and virgin hare Smeg caught up with the rest of the pack. Smeg by-the-way was on a bike as she had injured herself the night before when she woke up face down on the pavement at 3am - but I said I wouldn't mention that. I do think she has potential as a good hasher though, don't you think?

The trail led out to the Gamlingay road where a check was laid. Hooker decided to hover blatantly while Overflo and Five Baaa did the checking. Dodging the traffic on the corner, the pack scampered off heading towards the recreation ground and after that into Pegnut Wood. By now the light was fading, but the pack was kept together by cunning use of bar-checks and the other type of checks. Pongo and Dead Meat sedately bought up the rear as FRBs G-String, Bed Pan and Cardiac did most of the running.

Soon it was all over and time to see if Potton brewery was still making good beer - They were/are! At the circle birthday down-downs went to Giblets and Bed Pan. The double-secret sneaky RA turned out to be Tight Wad who had noted all the misdemeanours and dealt out punishment to the guilty b*****ds, including an undeserved down-down to the noble GM (me) for my remark that "today was the only time I could remember a bitch being frightened by the sight of my helmet"


Shagpile, Underlay & Smeg