Run No. 658 4th April 2004

The Horns, Datchworth

Runners:  24
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

I really don't understand grown-ups sometimes - Dad (MLP) and Private Parts are drinking again, when they should be writing the words. Mum (Snail) is still packing so I guess I'll have to do the words myself - and I'm not even 1 yet!

I'm not quite sure how, but somehow my good friend Private Parts managed to find a new pub for the hash for his first time as hare! I really did not think it possible to find a pub anywhere on, or even off, the planet that the hash had not run from sometime in the past. Sadly, the aforementioned Private Parts was nowhere to be seen, so My Little Pony - dazed as he was with drink from the night before - set forth to lay the remainder of the trail before the hare finally turned up with Scooba dooby doo doo dum dum diddle...diddle dum down down. The Circle Up was called, and it was On-On towards Bulls Green. After only a few minutes the pack found the right trail up a muddy track.

The RA, in his absence, had sent a very great deal of rain the night before, which turned small streams into raging torrents and had swept all traces of numbered checks from the land! The shiggyness of the trail increased dramatically as the pack headed south-east through Bramfield woods - with G-String being towed through the mud by his mutt. Several hashers were observed digging in the mud to retrieve lost footwear, while Supermini and Wonderwoman even tried to avoid it - but eventually all made it up the other side. From there it was down hill to a held check, although stopping was a challenge as the check was by now in the middle of a mud bath.

Soon the pack was making its way through Bramfield village and back towards the pub. Another shiggy path through some woods, where we met a police 4x4 enjoying the conditions. From there it was out over open fields towards the next check, where we paused to let Pongo and others catch up. By that time, the pack was beginning to feel thirsty, and after another path back past some peasant hovels the on-inn was sighted - much to the relief of Shagpile. Down Downs were awarded to the Hares, to ALL the men for not looking for shoes in the mud - with Shagpile having to quaff some revolting-looking substance from somebody else's muddy shoe!

ONON - MLP's 1st born, Daniel