Run No. 650 1st February 2004

The Bell, Sandy

Runners:  31
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Once again the hare was too 'busy' to submit Words, so these have been complied by your scribe.

Shaggy had decided against anything too demanding in selecting a run venue. Guess where it was? Yep you're right The Bell at Sandy again. This time it was to be 'route B' - that is up the sand hills rather than his 'route A' which is down along the river.

The circle having been called by the GM, formalities were soon over. It was a disappointing start to the run as the hare committed the 'newbie' haring sin of drawing a check at his feet on the pub cark park. Bellows of "On Inn" by the pack alerted Shaggy to this basic of haring error but I fear no lesson was learned! So of course instead of the hash starting off in the required direction, the H5 family had to spend 10 boring minutes running nonexistent false trails before the start of the run was found. Serves the hare right that he fell over Gripper in front of the station. He landed on his head fortunately so no harm was done.

The high point of the run was reached almost immediately as a three-legged dog was spotted (well no, it wasn't a spotted-three-legged-dog, just a dog minus one hind limb) watching the pack run by its garden. The first check lead to an obvious falsie down towards 'route A' but the pack didn't fall for it. Gradually the trail led towards the sand hills, but not by the usual route. A few marks were gained here for Shaggy, who must have engaged brain for a short period to plan this part of the run.

Around the sand hills the pack ran. There was a slight interlude as a newly painted 5-bar gate was discovered with the 'wet paint' sign on one side. Various hashers were coerced into jumping over it with the aim of getting them covered in black paint, but only Giblets fell for it. However as he stands about nine foot high he easily vaulted over the gate without collecting any embarrassing paint marks. Doh!

Emerging from the hills the pack had to wait at a held check while the back hare (Shaggy again of course. Being a billy NM he was doing the run on his lonesome). By this time the novelty had warn off for a few and so it was no surprise to see hashers slipping away and heading towards the pub. A few stuck with with and probably found the dust from a previous run which meant they arrived back about 20 minutes later. Fortunately it was all over and the beer drinking could start.

Points awarded:

Run Laying (Shaggy) 2/10
Wearing the Good Crack Award (Pecker) 0/10
Leaning on the wet gate (Biggles) 10/10
Wearing the hashit (Shaggy) 0/10
Arriving too late to make the run (G-String) 10/10

ONON - Shagpile