Run No. 646 4th January 2004

Priory Marina, Bedford

Runners:  17
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

The first run of the year and a good crowd turned out to start the year as we mean to go on...

Cunning Linguist and Shaggy met early on Sunday morning to lay the run ahead of the pack. As the hares completed the run and arrived back at the Priory Marina many a hasher was arriving ready for a good run.

Shortly after 11 the On-on was called and the pack were quickly off down a false trail only to discover the 'On Inn' before doing an about turn and heading back to the check. On-on was promptly called and the trail led us out towards the water before discovering that this too was a falsie. Two more falsies were run before Bell End discovers the true trail heading towards the fire station.

The pack split at this point and the SCBs headed down Kingsley Road towards Russel Park and were soon keenly followed by everyone else. Once in the park there was a ladies check and Screamer promptly called On-on and took everyone off towards the tennis courts. This too was a falsie and we were back at the check and waiting for Florence to catch up (she was delayed after spending the morning with the boys in blue discussing hares - and not hashers). White Rabbit then led the pack off for a run round the park and the SCBs headed to Butterfly Bridge and the vicious geese and plentiful number of ducks on the river. This was a held check and as soon as everyone was reassembled, On-on and the pack dashed off in various directions. The run eventually led us through a subway, past some fishermen, and behind the cinema to the fields by the river. At a numbered check point (6 being the number) 7 hashers actually ran it, although Florence was dragged along by two others somewhat against her will.

Through some mud, over some bridges and back to the Marina for a well deserved drink or two.

Down-downs went to Cunning Linguist for being hare (Shaggy had disappeared), Ringer got some very fetching leggings for 150 runs and to various others but since the circle was anything but a circle it was all very confusing as to who was in the circle and who was making up the circle.