Run No. 642 7th December 2003

The Windmill, Charlton

Runners:  24
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

A bright, clear and cold morning greeted the hashers at The Windmill pub in Charlton. A bit of effort required from Big Blouse eventually got the circle formed where we were introduced to our guest hasher Mudsucker from Chicago and our single hare for the day, Tight Wad.

With no other announcements the On-On was called with the pack heading out to the first false trial, led by F'ck-a-duck. Back down the hill then with Giblets heading off on the next falsie. One more falsie, discovered up some steps, was run, before the pack finally headed off on the right trail. At the top of the hill a number of options were presented with Penetrator leading some of the pack down one of the falsies. Some check hanging before Giblets, Florence, Pooper and others, encouraged by the hare, head off on another trail towards Gosmore. Surprise, surprise, another false trail. So back to the only option left, which took the pack across the field. Shaggy couldn't face all this doubling-back malarkey, so blatantly went crop busting.

My Little Pony was one of four FRBs caught by the next check (sending them to the back of the pack) but that didn't deter him from finding the correct trail once Shagpile and his bitches had ambled off up the wrong one. Finally a chance for a breather, when the whole pack was held at the next check.

The correct trail was quickly found with the pack enduring the shiggy field before meeting with horses, which delighted Muddy Waters, who confessed to the hare of really wishing for a pony (are you taking note Knobber?) and an imaginary electric fence which gave much amusement to Big Blouse and others. After that, short-cutters took the road that had previously been revealed as a false trail by F'ck-a-duc, while the rest slogged it out around a big, long loop. Deadmeat gamely brought up the rear to the first Ladies check where only White Rabbit struck out to find the right trail - check hanging again! Meeting up with the rest of the pack again, another shortcut provided relief for most. This left a hardcore group of Knobber, Pooper, My Little Pony, Nik-Nak, Penetrator, Big Blouse, White Rabbit and Arthur (no hash name yet) circumnavigated the last hilly loop before returning through the village and On-Inn to the pub.

Circle formalities gave down-downs to the hare, Mudsucker for being a guest, the hashit to the Cunning Linguist for not knowing hash terminology, and other drinks to more hashers who insist on misdemeanours while out on a Sunday morning.

On-On, Tight Wad