Run No. 641 30th November 2003

The Three Tuns, Ashwell

Runners:  21
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

To avoid laying the run twice, I didn't bother laying it on the Saturday in the rain; I laid it 7.30am Sunday morning. It was a beautiful sunrise over Ashwell and it turned into a very pleasant warm run.

The pack was sent out of the pub car park and down the High Street. After three bars, the pack arrived at the first check. The route was quickly found up the hill by Shaggy, who led the pack to another check. Once all possible avenues had been exhausted the pack was On On down a bridle path.

I thought putting a Held Check at the end of this long path would slow the front runners down, but Shaggy went straight past it and On to the next check! Shaggy walked back up the hill and fed the secret secret RA false run information which later came back to haunt him.

With the pack together it was On out towards Hinxworth to a Ladies check. BOF disappeared down the correct path and the pack duly followed. The first of the two 'five to the back/short run' checks led the pack to split. The short runners had a nice grass covered track to follow, while the rest of the pack picked up 3 inches of clay courtesy of the local farmer. The pack congregated around a Held Check kicking the clay of their shoes before running around the corner and regrouping with the others.

The hash was joined by Dan Dare (and his dog) who had arrived late but managed to find us without me laying any arrows, well done (left the bag of flour on the back of my car!).

A ladies check, a bar and another check at the church brought us to the old mill and the second of the 'five to the back/short run' checks. No one felt like running anymore and it was 11.55am, so we skipped the extra loop and ran straight to the On Inn. The dogs and hashers washed off in the stream before coming up onto the road, 20m from the pub!

Down Downs were awarded to Ringer for 150, Shaggy for feeding the secret, secret RA false run information and G-String for not controlling his dog's bowel movements.

The RA was about to say there was no one to get the hashsit but Shaggy jumped in because he felt it was going to him. When the RA told him it wasn't to be awarded he jumped out again but it was too late. Shaggy put the dress on and took his punishment.

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