Run No. 639 16th November 2003

The Chequers, Wrestlingworth

Runners:  17
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

The day started rather well with a successful beating of the French and with a bleating RA asking at 10.40 where the run was. Despite being a lovely sunny day, it didn't impart its rays of happiness onto the Chef of The Chequers in Wrestlingworth who grumped about wanting space for his customers. "Are we not your customers as well?" Knobber was heard to question with a conservative amount of sarcasm. (Harerazor - must remind G-String not to do runs from there again)

The circle was called by the HM and the two hares accordingly babbled and bleated their way around their excuse for a swiftly laid run; the two horns were awarded to hairy people - My Little Pony for having such hairy legs and Muchkin for being hairless (I remember the days of razors)!

Off the pack went in search of the trail with suitable amount of disarray the FRBs found the falsies and Big Blouse went in search of the Bull. The real trail was found and everyone at least a foot higher ran, walked or was pulled by mad dogs across a field full of cow pats to find the first of the numbered checks. Around this point, Skidmark encouraged everyone to swing. The GM volunteered to take the lead in this but was disappointed that the only swinging taking place involved a large tree and a dyke (the GM's prefererence is for lipstick lesbians - not dykes - Ed).

On on to the long road run followed by fields and another numbered check. Mabel showed his true colours by assisting White Rabbit to the check which just happened to mean that he avoided being returned to the back of the run. Mabel's Help the Aged efforts would be rewarded later when the Good Crack Award was bestowed upon him. The subsequent half pint down down was a joy to behold, the majority up his nose, the snotty remainder missed his mouth completely but did give his shirt a certain rugged athletic appearance. Other down downs were awarded to Big Blouse, No Knickers (for having goose bumps I remember), Sasquatch (for what I can't remember) and GM for being the GM really. Oh and White Rabbit was awarded the dress; being wet, it hugged her figure seductively having had the benefit of the GM's & Skidmark's down downs.

On on.

Skidmark & G-String