Run No. 638 9th November 2003

The Cowper Arms, Digswell

Runners:  20
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

A slight mist hung over the proceedings as the hashers gathered in the car park of The Cowper Arms last Sunday morning. An unusual silence fell over the group for two minutes as the clock struck twelve (that would be eleven - Ed), broken only by one canine member who was straining to hear the words 'on-on'. Two minutes after eleven the pack was off around the leafly roads of the affluent, upmarket village of Digswell.

Down to the road and the first check is seen. The FRBs go down the hill and the hasher previous known as Paintball, now known as Cap't Fantastic, cries "fantastic, I've found the 'on inn'". He was quickly told he had found the 'nni no' so he could carry on looking for the right trail. My Little Pony shot off towards the viaduct and disappeared for some time before he came back. (Is he a train spotter?) The right trail along the footpath was finally found. By now the inhabitants were convinced that terrorists from Welwyn Garden City were about to take over their very select village. One mutt walker smiled as we went along the footpath away from the grandiose houses. Little did he know that we were coming back.

Up the hill the trail went. At one point it was hard to believe that we were a running club with a drinking problem as every member was walking. After a long climb up the hill the trail reached the village of Burnham Green. Oh my, a circle with a 'D' in it. All the dogs and their walkers were obliged to go to the back. This actually caught out one of the hares as he had forgotten we had marked it there. There was quite a lot of holding back on this one. More checks and the FBRs for some reason all turned left but Airscrew found the correct trail along the village, but more checks further on. We proved at this point that you can fool all of the people all of the time. 'On On' was called across the road. Those with suspicious minds hung back. When the two hares were following the front runners the rest of the hash (actually only about 40% were fooled - Ed) were convinced it was the right trail. Wrong! (I just hate laying a false trail that is not run by most of the hash). Three footpaths were then found, one to the right for the runners, one in the middle for the walkers, and one to the left for those FRBs. Following the left trail as it went down the hill through the woods and down to the hard track went most of the hash. I took Deadmeat on a slightly longer route as it was more scenic. Contrary to popular belief I did not lose my way (you'll get struck by lightning for telling porkies - Ed).

Down a long field where the first 6 were obliged to go to the back. Again this caught out one of the hares. Moral is remember where you put the 'to the back signs'. They did all hang back a bit as the back runnners were little dots in the distance. Along a hard track and on to the where the walkers path joined the track. No sign of the walkers so we thought that they had gone on to the pub. Along the side of the spinney and on to the 'on inn'. Arriving at the pub, shock, horror, the walkers had not arrived. A search party was sent out and after many nail-biting minutes they emerged.

'Down-downs' in the circle for the hares. A tin mug and a christening for Mike who will now be known as Wank (No he won't. It'll be the name he was christened with which was 'WAN' as in 'Wants A Name'- Ed). Some others I think but after receiving a 'down-down' for being a hare, losing half the hash and leading Dead Meat astray my retention for detail was wearing thin (still is? - Ed).

'On-On' White Rabbit and Wan(k)