Run No. 634 12th October 2003

The Wheatsheaf, Tempsford

Runners:  28
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

The run started 11.05 just after the GM turned up late and it was On out up the road towards the Anchor pub. This turned out to be a false trail, as was the road around the back of the Church.

The pack headed south off towards the A1 and ended up at a Bar, a very long way from the real route. They plodded back and caught up with the rest of the pack in the fields south west of Tempsford. Much to the dismay of the front runners a check with 5 to the back awaited them.

The pack went over the STILE (which I will talk about later) and after one false trail it was On On across the BRIDGE to a Ladies check. A couple of falsies left Shaggy on the real route. The next check is where the pack split and the front runners headed towards Blunham and the rear went straight to the Two Bridges along side the River Ivel.

The front of the pack arrived at a Held Check in Blunham and after a couple of falsies it was On up the road to the Two Bridges to rejoin the group.

Once rested at the Two Bridges the packed headed up the Kingfisher Way footpath along the River Ivel to the same BRIDGE we had crossed earlier. Everybody waved at the very late Pecker who was running down the other side of the River following the route to Blunham. This was a well planned figure of eight run as Donut had re-laid a new check with a 5 in; to again annoy the front runners. (Front runners you may moan but it will be me next week hitting these numbered checks!)

Once the pack had gathered we were joined by some late Newies, the Local Farmer, his Son and 30 Friesian Cows. After much debate about his land, rights of way, the STILE and new DEFRA laws, he went on is way, taking his Friesians with him. The Farmer and his Son then proceeded to kick down the disputed STILE which they said was for their use only.

After this jolly interlude, the pack proceeded along the River Ivel to a missing Held Check which the Farmer had kindly kicked out. The pack regrouped and ran on towards Tempsford to a ladies check. Kindly checked out by Not My Bitch and Shagpile, the pack arrived at the 'On Inn' through the Church Yard and then the Pub.

Down Downs were awarded to Bedpan and Tightwad for sex on the Hash and it being their 4th Wedding Anniversary.
Newie - Helen sipped a Dry White wine and was ushered out of the circle by Shaggy.
Congratulations and drinks for Pecker and Hash Bike for their new arrival.
Dan Dare/Mekon and Mabel/Feel were awarded down downs for their children reaching the 1 year milestone.
Gripper and Underlay had down downs for a MUTT collision/entanglement around some sort of pole during the run.

Big Blouse (secret RA) awarded the Hash it and the newly created drink called the 'Gremlin' to Paintball for Self Promotion for GM.

On On

Airscrew and Donut