Run No. 627 25th August 2003

chez Ringer, Dunstable

Runners:  6
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;" (Shakespeare - King Henry V, Act IV Scene III).

What we lacked in numbers we made up for in improvisation - first problem; how do you 'circle up', when there are only 4 runners around the Hare? - yes I know 4 plus 1 makes 5, not 6 like it says at the top of these Wurdz, but read on.

After a demonstration of the difference between white flour and white chalk, the latter being the predominant geology of the Dunstable area, the pack is unleashed. Ten metres into the run and the pack is halted by the arrival (late as usual) of Nik-Nak. In fairness it has to be said that she had come straight from Nash Hash! Hence the circle at the start was five strong, not six.

Rajah leads the first checkout but it proves to be false. Paintball heads off the opposite direction, fails to remember the chalk versus flour lesson, and then misses the bar check. Up the footpath steps the pack heads to the first check, a three way job with all three uphill. Paintball checks and calls one way - false, Poopa checks and calls the second - false, leaving Rajah to FRB the right trail. This would prove to be a role much taken by Rajah that afternoon - which stretched and harassed the Hare somewhat.

Straightforward checking and running brought us to a Ladies check, at which Nik-Nak and Good Crack obliged - with Good Crack winning the toss. A small nettle encounter leading to a road and we were straight over it and on a longish lope across the field to another held check. Both obvious directions proved false with the less obvious, but clearly marked, path through the hedge calling trumps. A gentle undulate brought us to the main road through the village of Kensworth. Here those words that bring joy to a Hare were uttered by Rajah - Where are we? Is this Knebworth? - he had caught sight of the village sign, but clearly needs glasses. Even so, it's a good 20 miles from Dunstable to Knebworth so was it likely?

The Harriets were offered, and accepted, a short cut and immediately set off 180 degrees in the wrong direction! The pack was taken on a loop through one of the small housing estates and back to the road, where we met up again with the re-directed Harriets.

A longish stretch along the road and a footpath through the woods leads us to the car park at Whipsnade Heath, where it was revealed that this was an A-to-B run, with transport provided back to Chez Ringer by means of a car previously deposited for the purpose. Since this required two trips, Rajah offered to wait whilst the Harriets caught up, Good Crack taking the opportunity to pick a goodly quantity of blackberries.

Back at the house, the Circle is called and a down-down is awarded as usual to the Hare. Paintball, as acting RA, also awards down-downs to Nik-Nak and Good Crack for being a bit tardy, if angelic.

Official business concluded, it was into the BBQ and the beer.

OnOn Ringer