Run No. 626 18th August 2003

The Three Horseshoes, Letchmore Heath

Runners:  22
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Promptly at 7.30pm the Hash Mistress called circle up. When she had all of the hash's attention she, following on the example of AIRSCREW, ordered the doing of some stretching exercises. (Was this going to be a fast long run, who knows). After the hash had warmed up it was back to hash business and what a nice surprise to see FOGHORN as a returnee, all be it her voice was not at full strength.

After the hares had given there somewhat vague instructions the pack set off. PECKER in front followed closely by BED PAN up a false trail. BOF finds another trail and is calling ON-ON which happens to be a bar, the pack find the right trail which lead on to a check. Most of the pack are not fooled and find another check that is held. GOOD CRACK leads the pack with a hearty ON-ON across the road towards the by-pass. This leads to another bar so back and around the pond whilst the short cutters lead by G-STRING onto a held check. As the majority of the hash are approaching the check RINGKISSER is seen talking to a couple who have been walking their dog (what did she ask them?) anyway she is off across the field shouting ON-ON to another held check. When the whole of the hash are at the held check we take an orderly walk across the main road.

On the other side the FRBs are off on a long loop whilst the KNITTING CIRCLE PLUS OTHERS take a leisurely walk across the field. The next check SHAGPILE and SLAPPA after having a fight lead the pack onto a new type of check a BC check which stands for a BADGER CHECK (should it be a BEAVER CHECK)? The GM feels a little concerned at the time so the suggestion is the he takes the KNITTING CIRCLE PLUS OTHERS on a short cut back to the pub whilst PECKER and PENETRATOR take the rest on the real trail. Needless to say the number checks were completely ignored also the held checks. PENETRATOR and BED PAN are leading the pack along the road; BED PAN notices as we approach a path that the arrow points down the path. Unfortunately there is no flour down the path due to a slight miscalculation on behalf of the hares.

PECKER is aware of this and the cunning plan is for him to shoot off down the track and lay some flour this plan sort of works except for the eagle eye of the RA. The FRBs gradually make their way back to the pub. After a few beers the HM calls the circle to order asks PONGO what he thought of the run as usual the very diplomatic PONGO says it was a good run. So DOWN - DOWNS are awarded to the hares.

Because FOGHORN has been away for a long time she doesn't know about wanking in the circle and is caught not just once but twice, she will learn. SLAPPA is awarded her 10th run award. Unfortunately she doesn't receive her mug only the sticker, (anything is better than nothing!!). PECKER is also awarded, this time for his 400th run and it is his own fault that there was no award. PECKER had a down-down for lost property. A number of the hashshits turned up but unfortunately the person it was earmarked for had left early. The hashits finally went, for various reasons and I have no idea to BELL END, WHITE RABBIT, G-STRING & SHAGPILE. What a Shambles. Talking of which, have a great weekend camping.

Penetrator & G-String