Run No. 621 14th July 2003

The Noah's Ark, Shillington

Runners:  32
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

What a fantastic weekend of hashing. Punting on Saturday where about 50 people converged onto Grantchester some arriving up the river Cam by punt whilst a few of us landlubbers arrived by car bearing goods of food, chairs and other essentials. The hash had a great time the weather was excellent. Thank you RA even though you could not make it.

Sunday afternoon the weather is still excellent and Paintball and Penetrator arrive at the Noah's Ark Shillington to lay the trail for Monday. After drinking a large diet coke in the pub off we set to lay the run. Well, all good plans can have a few hiccups, which we found. The local cricket team are playing a home game right across where the trail is supposed to go, anyway a quick rearrangement and off we go again through what we think are some new footpaths which the hash haven't used before. We eventually arrive back at the pub for a swift pint of I.P.A.

Monday night arrives the sun is still shining once again thank-you RA. G-String calls circle up and after going through the usual routine of anniversaries of which there was one (Screamer and Giblets), birthdays (Pecker and visitor Grunter). The hares run through what to be aware of and the pack are off to a check. Ringer is heard to be calling On-On away from the pub so the pack follow in hot pursuit only to find that it is a false trail. Back past the pub off we go again with Paintball following the front-runners and Penetrator looking after the knitting circle. At the next check which is a ladies check, Bed-Pan leads the pack across the road but alas it's a false trail this time the pack are off across a field with horse grazing (must have thought what are all these idiots doing on a hot summer night like this). Shagpile is not convinced that the hash are on the right trail and is seen hovering around a gate which leads to another footpath. When he hears that a false trail has been called he starts calling On-On towards the cricket pitch. As he enters the cricket pitch he finds a bar so he leads the pack off again through a gate to the field that we had just run along. Some of the back runners walked through the 'T' as the rest of the pack came into sight at the fork in the path. Dead Meat goes one way as the rest of the pack are calling On-On the other. As the first 8 hashers get to the next check they find that they have to go to the back of the pack which didn't go down too kindly with Pooper and Scooper. The hash works it way around the beautiful Shillington landscape arriving back at the pub after 45 minutes, long enough on such a hot night - plus the pub had Abbot on sale.

Down Downs are awarded to the hares plus Pecker, Screamer, Grunter, Pooper, Dan-Dare, Mekon and Shagpile. Newie Helen was christened by the RA who figured that as she didn't work for Pam-Am or British Midland and is surely not a Virgin she must henceforth be known as Slappa. Not sure she is too keen on that, but hey - who gives a *@&k!

On-On Penetrator & Paintball