Run No. 619 30th June 2003

The Plume of Feathers, Ickleford

Runners:  31
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

At the time of laying the run, it was a beautiful sunny and hot day. As hare, Bell End had to swop hats and therefore couldn't be responsible for the weather on the day of the run. It rained of course and managed to wash out a lot of the trail.

A fair number of the hash family were ready for the on-off which led straight into the fields next to the pub. After a couple of checks Cap't Haddock and Good Crack turned up as late comers and joined in the fun. A ladies check was soon found and as Not-My-Bitch was the nearest thing to a lady there, she duly checked it out. NMB was easily suckered into a false trail but shortly afterwards the real trail was found by Florence and the pack set off again. At least the rain had stopped. G-String caught up at this point, having cycled to the pub and had got bogged down on the way - Oh, and he went to the wrong pub!

At the main road a short cut was offered to the aged, infirm, lazy or those carrying a sports injury. While the main pack set off on what was rumoured to be a long loop, Shagpile (who is of course well fit but suffering from CBG strain**) took the lead down the very narrow path alongside the busy road. This turned out to be fairly hazardous, particularly so when three dogs had to be prevented from committing hara-kiri by jumping into the traffic. The wiser Pongo, Screamer and Munchkin decided to find a safer route back.

Through the nettles went the trail and into a wood. It was arranged that the short-cutters should wait at the next check for the pack to turn up. On arriving at the check none of the SCBs were to be seen. Had they all been squashed by a juggernaut? Concerned, the hare told the pack to hang on and set off back up the road, only to return ten minutes later with none of the short-cutters. Thinking perhaps that aliens had abducted them to carry out evil experiments on them, the pack decided to carry on with the run as it was getting late.

The next bar was ignored by half of the remaining pack who disappeared off into the gloom. Kermit found the correct, shorter route that led back to the pub. Happily all of the pack, including the SCBs who had declared UDI and taken a further short cut arrived back at the same time. Result!

Pecker was the secret RA and awarded Down-downs to:

  • Paintball & Pongo for nicking a farmer's peas
  • Pooper and Scooper for running backwards, or something
  • Screamer and Ringkisser for something else

ONoN - Bell End

** Cereal Box induced Groin Strain